CFFC- Water

For Cee this week – Water

13 reaktioner på ”CFFC- Water

  1. hi leya – i love this photo here – and the others i have seen today – but just fyi – i find your blog theme used to find what i am
    looking for – if it works
    for you then wonderful – but just wanted to leave reader feedback in case you want to know ((and it could just me be and preference)) but the home page has posts like a photo collage and not enough info – nusve to actually click into the post to see if it is the one i want – and after seven clicks i still cannot find the lensartisy seascape post – which is what i really came for – i love your tuesday and wordless wed and others – but find this blog theme hard for someone dropping by – but just my humble take

    • O dear…well, it takes some clicks I know…sorry. The easiest way is to go to the category dearch – a white rectangle – roll out the list and click Lens-Artists! Otherwise it sits beside the horses in the gallery. Thank you for telling me! Hope you will find it! 💚

      • i will
        check of the category option – and maybe because i view via the reader it was more limited – it actually seems like an expensive blog theme
        and i normally would not mention it – but i thought bloggers would like to know – especially if others feel
        it too –

      • I am grateful for the info! And by the way, the blog theme is free – 😚 But, I am glad it looks a bit fancy then😉

      • well
        ok Kategorier (categories) there are only two ”L” categories
        but i did see the tag (small tho) in the word cloud under most popular tags on lower left –
        and just a suggestion
        maybe you could have a lens artist page – up in the header with the others – or not – but this challenge you help host is a pretty big one – if not i am sure folks can easily find what the need – just thinking

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