Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #55 – Dreamy

Endless ocean, blue water, dreamy sky,
tranquil beach, love in the air, mind fly high.
Debasish Mridha

I love Iceland, and spent a week and more there again this July, it was our fifth visit over the years. I love its dreamy, but often rugged atmosphere. They usually have all weathers in one day, and the landscape changes fast – and often dramatically.


A lot of people tell me I’m a bit dreamy, but I like the idea of that. Of being somewhere else.

– Alex Turner

I thought I would share some of that Icelandic dreaminess with you – so this week’s challenge is  – Dreamy.




If you go to the dictionary, it says ”having a magical or pleasantly unreal quality; dreamlike.” On our way over the sea to Vestmannaeyar, this huge cliff emerged out of the fog and rain, when suddenly a ray of sun burst out through the heavy clouds and revealed a lonely farm house nesting in that emerald green. Who would have imagined? And who would be able – and want – to live out there? An enigmatic dream unveiled.


Wherever you go on Iceland, you will find lonely churches perched on mountain tops, hidden behind towering lava flows – or in fields of lupins. Looking like tiny toys placed there by a playful congregation. Often the little church is clearly visible from afar – but this one was only faintly visible in the fog. (And the lupins are of Alaskan origin…)

Dictionaries might also suggest an informal meaning of Dreamy – delightful; gorgeous. Maybe this last image belongs more in that category – or maybe in both of them. As usual, click to enlarge.

Finally, this window view, in the middle of the night, from Helgafell (Holy mountain). I wonder…were there really two tractors out there – or was I only dreaming?

There are many possibilities hidden in Dreamy – maybe you are given to or indulging in daydreaming? You might even want to illustrate one of your own dreams? Or are you one of those people who suffer from frequent nightmares (though I hope not …)? Now we are looking forward to Your interpretation of the theme Dreamy!

Last week brought us many wonderful details from you all, and thank you Patti for hosting last week’s Detail challenge.


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  14. You picked excellent photos for the dreamy prompt. I’ve never been there, but it sure does look inviting. Thank you for the opportunity to join in!

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  16. Love your photos, Anne-Christine. Did you see northern lights every time you were in Iceland? We almost made it there, but Oct. is a cold season, we heard (We are already living at a cold place), so didn’t go. Seeing your photos, I kind of wish we did.
    I am traveling for a family reunion, so I probably will skip a couple of challenges… or do them when I get back.
    Have a wonderful day.

    • Thank you for commenting, Helen. And you know – I have never seen the Aurora! We have been so many times to places up north, hoping to see it – but never. I even downloaded an app to see when it was possible and where…but no. I used to say I want to see it before I die.
      Wishing you all the best for your trip with family – you are always welcome to join in whenever you find the time to!

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  22. I love this theme. I’m sorry I can’t participate due to lack of time, but I’ll try it on Saturday before the next challenge. 🙂

    • So glad you love it! And you are welcome any time to join in – there is no limit. Looking forward to seeing your choices , if you find the time!

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  39. WoOOoow!!!! What a magical post … and your image. The top one with the sheep is my favorite. Island I have always looked at … a mysterious and dream place. Stunning post, A-C!

    • Thank you, Viveka! So glad you liked the sheep too – no one has mentioned them except you! I put them in the header because of counting sheep to sleep. You know…Dreamy?

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  51. I can see why you chose ”dreamy” to describe Iceland! Beautiful shots, as always. I especially love that little church in the mist. Your imagination can run wild there, and conjure up all kind of magical, dreamy thoughts in that kind of landscape. Lovely.

    • Thank you, Patti! The church seems to be greatly loved. Fun when something you just happened to see from the road on driving by, really goes to your heart. And you know…I really believe there is a tractor in the grass…I can see the rear wheels if I look closely. Or is it just my imagination?

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    • Thank you, SH, glad you like them – and I even sent some sheep to count…! Iceland is very subtle in colour, but it is the smoothness that does it!

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    • Many people associate Dreamy only with beaches and sunsets – I thought it interesting what people might come up with besides that too!

  56. I think that Pico might have fit the bill perfectly, Ann-Christine, but I’ve moved on this week. Love your images! Right now I’m sunset dreaming on my roof terrace 🌞🌊⛵💕

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