Thursday Thoughts – Hraunfossar

There are so many grand waterfalls in Iceland. Hraunfossar are not the highest falls, but maybe one of the most beautiful ones on the island.  The waterfalls are located in the Hallmundarhraun lava field in Borgarfjörður bay, West-Iceland. The white uncountable falls originates from Langjökull glacier, the second largest glacier in Iceland, and run in a cascade series down a lava cliff of about 900 meters wide.

The water cascades down from under Hallmundarhraun lava field and runs into the famous Hvítá (White) river. Hraun means lava and fossar mean waterfalls, so the name basically means Lava Waterfalls.

Don’t they remind a bit of each other? The White Cotton Grass is cascading too.


33 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – Hraunfossar

    • Thank you, Janet! I loved that place. Not many tourists – that is my main criteria to feel good about a site. Nature and solitude makes for the best feelings.

  1. I enjoyed the connection you made in regard to the cascading white cotton grass and the waterfalls. Thank you for pointing it out and I see that too.. nice!

  2. Big isn’t always better and your waterfall is stupendous. The sound must be very loud and never ending.
    My favorite waterfall is only five feet tall, but has so many cascades from different angles that it is much more interesting, to me anyway, that a giant falls.

    • I agree – big doesn’t always mean more beautiful. These falls stretch for almost a kilometer, so my photos are only from parts of them. Is your fall on display at your site? I’d love to see it.

      • I love the Murphy name, the image and the memories of your dear friend. How great to walk there and remember. Our Mille left us 2014. He loved the sea at our summerhouse. He used to stand in the water for hours every day. We let some of his ashes into the gentle waves – he would have liked that.

      • Our pets are such a deep and special part of our lives. We still have Murphy’s and Dixie’s ashes waiting to be mixed with ours and then spread in our favorite national park. They always wanted to be with us so it will be for eternity. 🙂 Both my parents’ ashes went into the Atlantic.

    • Yes, Amanda – I do love desolate beauty. My life is so busy with old and not very healthy parents and my work for a magazine – so – that emptiness and serenity feels good.

      • I can well understand the demands of aging parents, work and family commitments too, Ann-C. Taking some time to re-energize is important. In fact, we are taking off this weekend to do just that as respite from similar demands on our time and energy. But for me, is is just a trip to the beach, not as flash as Iceland this time. 😉

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