Thursday Thoughts – Revival

The weather is very warm and inviting for bicycle rides these last days of June. So my daughter and I decided to spend some time with the old Flora in hand. When the children were younger, we always did every summer, so today meant sweet memories.

We brought water as well, and biked for some hours, just enjoying each others’ company in the lovely summer fields. And wow, how much one forgets about flower names…

I used to be very good at their names… We also fell in love with this little, quite lovely, mushroom – looking like it was planted right there by someone, on the road.

And, to our greatest joy, we met some Highland Cattle. My absolute favorites.

Somehow they always look so relaxed, and I love their colours. I am not really comfortable having to cross a meadow where they are grazing though – they are said to be rather grumpy.

A lovely day –


17 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – Revival

  1. Oh my, this certainly looks if not a porcini mushroom then for sure edible! We used to pick them with my parents when I was little, father is quite an expert. I’ve heard it said (by Michael Pollan in his book where he kills a boar but leaves the hardest thing for last: pick his own mushrooms. :D) that some nations are fungi-philes and others are fungi-phobes. Slovenians are fungi-crazyheads!

  2. A lovely way to spend time with your daughter Ann-Christine. The fungus photo is so good. I just love the feature photo. I have a hard time remembering the flower names as well. I too thought that Highland Cattle were not very aggressive. I love the coos as they say in Scotland 🙂

  3. I’ve always understood Highland Cattle are mild-mannered but perhaps you mean those ones in particular are grumpy? They seem to have the most perfect home!

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