Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #50 – Trees

Most of you know how much I walk in the forest – all year around. So the theme this week comes natural (!) to me – Trees. I will stay in Sweden, except for the header – waiting for you to post trees from every corner of the world! Anything about trees is free for you to explore in this theme – leaves, forests, fruits, stumps or saplings…maybe tree houses? Looking forward to seeing you here!

In the header, a famous site – The Dark Hedges in Ireland. Famous because of the Game of Thrones. There are thousands of pictures from under those old giants…I guess it must be the most photographed tree avenue ever?

Mille posing

The tree I had in the garden as a child, my beech tree, I used to climb up there and spend hours. I took my homework up there, my books, I went up there if I was sad, and it just felt very good to be up there among the green leaves and the birds and the sky.  – Jane Goodall

This is Mille, my first Lagotto, posing nicely… As a child I too spent many hours every day in the forest and in the trees – climbing, jumping, playing and wishing I could swing in lianas, like Tarzan. Sigh…

The old Sallow

A tree grows. If you’re staying the same, something is wrong. You’re not alive. – Hamza Yusuf

This grand old Sallow stands in our summer garden, and someone lives in this flat every year. This spring a Eurasian blue tit – but, the family left last week for new adventures!

Trees exhale for us so that we can inhale them to stay alive. Can we ever forget that? Let us love trees with every breath we take until we perish. Munia Khan

If a tree dies, plant another in its place.  – Carolus Linnaeus

There is little in the architecture of a city that is more beautifully designed than a tree. – Jaime Lerner

I’m just delighted to be living, to be able to have a simple conversation, to feel a ray of sunlight on my skin and listen to the breeze move through the leaves of a tree. – Ryuichi Sakamoto

My sorrow, when she’s here with me, thinks these dark days of autumn rain are beautiful as days can be; she loves the bare, the withered tree; she walks the sodden pasture lane.  – Robert Frost

Never say there is nothing beautiful in the world anymore. There is always something to make you wonder in the shape of a tree, the trembling of a leaf.  – Albert Schweitzer

Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.  – Martin Luther

I think the kind of landscape that you grew up in, it lives with you. I don’t think it’s true of people who’ve grown up in cities so much; you may love a building, but I don’t think that you can love it in the way that you love a tree or a river or the colour of the earth; it’s a different kind of love.  – Arundhati Roy


Hope I haven’t been ”too much” with many photos this week – but you who know me will understand – Trees have always been close to my heart and a big part of my life. Now I am really looking forward to seeing Your posts – hopefully you too will have a great time with this challenge! Thank you to Patti for last week’s  abundance of Favorite Things

Finally, wishing you all an inspiring week!

196 comments on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #50 – Trees

  1. Thank you, Sylvia! There are many quotes on trees, so I am glad there must be many tree lovers around the world. And Mille was a charmer, an unforgettable dog.

  2. Beautiful tree photos, Ann-Christine. The first one is stunning! I would go crazy if I were at that place!
    Do you have problem selecting photos? I kept switching photos; I love them all. I mean trees, not my photos 😉
    Have a wonderful day.

  3. […] Here are some ‘Woodlands’ museums from around the world. Chestnut Grove in Ribeira Sacra, Spain.  Trees in Kroller Muller Sculpture Garden near Utrecht in Holland. Trees on the walk just past the Ladybower Reservoir in the Peaks District of England.  Fence poles that have started sprouting small trees in luxuriant Costa Rica.  ‘Undetonated explosives’ sign at Vimy Ridge in France. Wet trees in a woodland area of Vancouver in January.Yellow leaves in the forest in autumn at Grand Canyon, Arizona. Super green mossy trees in Glenveagh National Park, Ireland. Trail on the Peak of Hong Kong.Panorama of the most picturesque ruins in Belgium, the Ruines de Montaigle.More of the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Trees. […]

  4. It’s amazing how trees can have so many different characters and moods. Love your photos, Leya. odaciuk.wordpress.com/2019/06/18/passing-mood-of-trees/

  5. I love trees too! And you have some beauties here along with the wonderful quotes. I shall have a post for you later this week with a few different trees. (Love the header photo and also the one third from the end).

  6. This is a lovely selections of trees, Leya. Since I’ve never seen the Game of Thrones – yes, there are people who haven’t seen it – I’m so pleased you posted the ‘The Dark Hedges’ they’re magnificent. They are a treat for the eyes. Of course, I love little Millie peaking through the hole in the tree. Isn’t it the cutest when they do whimsical things. It’s even more special if you can capture the moment. Nicely done …..

  7. […] photographed in the UK and New Zealand. I’ve put it together in response to Leya’s  Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #50 – Trees  with a focus on landscape because Nigel is a NZ-based landscape architect. –Ms. Liz, […]

    • It is – it almost never turns out the way you would like it too…Glad you enjoyed these though! I think the most difficult is the single trees – a forest is easier. But the real feeling is never captured to the full.

  8. Dark hedges …. beautiful avenue. I have used the same. What fantastic gallery you have here and the quotes. Love the doggie picture and the one with the elk. The fantastic subject this week … even if I’m not out and about in the forests anymore, I could put a gallery together. A-C, you can never do or be too much. *smile

  9. […] Rough with smooth in Singapore.Similar palm tree with red seeds at Barra de Navidad in Mexico.The smooth ringed trunk of a Royal Palm in the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Garden in Mexico.I like these bamboo-like growth rings in Hoi An, Vietnam.This next batch of horizontal-ringed palms is all from Singapore. This was a little out-of-focus but I love its painterly qualities.Crazy colouring of the Crytostachys lakka (Red Sealing Wax Palm) with its red and yellow stems and green leaves.Hmmm… there maybe another series of paintings here!Date palms also have the horizontal rings but they are almost buried under a shaggy texture.This shelter made of date palm trunks in the Sinai Desert shows how the horizontal lined growth is more visible from the distance. Pencil & watercolour sketch of date palms blowing in the wind in Morocco.More of the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Trees. […]

  10. What a beautiful tree post, AC! These photos are magnificent!
    The header… I’m speechless. Love the stories and quotes. 🙂 ❤

    • So glad you enjoyed it, Amy! I was afraid it would be too much, but it seems many people love trees. And the Dark Hedges – I love them too.♥

  11. Wonderful post and terrific challenge Ann-Christine. I adore your opening photo AND the puppy peeking thru the tree. They’re all beautiful but those really got to me!

    • Glad they got to you, Tina! Did you ever see something of Game of Thrones? I think every Swede did except me…had to go there myself instead ;-D. I don’t know how popular it was in the US, but very, I guess. Mille, in his heaven, sends his best as well ♥
      I hope there are more tree lovers out there than me – looking forward to some interesting posts!

      • Oh my, it’s over the moon popular here! I watched a few episodes and liked it very much but my husband hated it so I never watched it after that. I don’t remember the trees from it but your photo is extraordinary

      • Thank you, Tina. My children loved it. They told me a princess had to flee through the trees there – don’t know which episode, so you might have missed it…

  12. I’ll have to come back for a closer look. I’m up in my swing seat enjoying the sky and sea but reception is not good up here. Sending hugs 😍🌲🌳🌴🍁🍃💕

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