Tuesday Photo Challenge – Vista

Dear Frank, of My most breathtaking vista, I have no photographs. Machu Pichu was a childhood dream, and I went to Peru in the 1980’s to see it. No camera. When we finally reached the top of the mountain, the Urubamba river down below and the surrounding rainforest oozing thin dew drops along the mountain side…I could hardly breathe. For me, Nothing beats that vista.

So, I will have to give you another one. The Great Wall, the first time I saw it and walked it. Early morning light. Not a sound. That special feeling maybe fades a bit every time you visit, but it is still an impressive sight the fifth time you visit.

Many years later, we traveled on the highest elevated railway in the world – built on permafrost – from Beijing to Lhasa. The plateau on which Lhasa and Tibet is situated, offers stunning vistas every time you look out the window. They have to use extra oxygen in the train because of the height, but feeling ”high” on this journey had nothing to do with the extra oxygen…

These photos are all taken with a simple point and shoot – but highly treasured by me.

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  2. That photo of the great wall is amazing. I was there on a boiling hot holiday, where it seemed that there were more people on the wall than in the Beijing metro. I managed to walk all of two hundred meters in half an hour. Then I took the elevator down.

    • I did not know there was a elevator – or I just have forgotten about it…Well done walking it! It is steeper than it looks when you start walking…

  3. I love that Great Wall photo!!! I visited there long time ago; digital camera didn’t exist then. I was nervous about loading the film, so I asked someone to load it for me. Guess what? It wasn’t loaded right, so I didn’t get a single photo. If I did it myself, I am pretty sure I would get a few photos!
    Have a wonderful day.

    • Oh, my – how did you cope with that? I had just bought my first digital camera, and it went on tiny batteries that were finished in half an hour. I did not get many pictures on that trip.

  4. These are all glorious vistas, A-C, and so much of photography is due to the photographer, so they’re still wonderful shots. I take many of the shots on my blog with an iPhone, although they’re probably more advanced than many of our old cameras. In fact, all the photos I took during my almost-year-long trip to Europe in the mid-seventies (gasp!) are on slides!! Have to go through them soon and put all the good ones on discs so I can see them again.


    • Yes…all those slides we have, they fill up a whole room. We never get around to go through them. Peru for example…Good that you will go through yours!

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