Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #41 – Delicious

This week Patti has chosen to challenge us with Delicious, which means having a very pleasant taste or smell, or it can be used to describe a situation or activity that gives you great pleasure.

Few tasty things give me more pleasure than the first semla/fastlagsbulle of the year! These were temptingly standing in a window in Umeå some months ago. I can tell you they did not stand there for long…

Last week I was in The Netherlands, at Keukenhof,  for the the biggest flower show in the world. Holland, or The Netherlands, is the magical land of tulips and hyacinths.

The gardens and fields were filled with the most delicious scent, colours and shapes. I was in a state of euforia for 7 hours – the visit was a total dream. I had not been to this flower show since somewhere in the 90’s.

Interested in joining the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge? I guess you too have some delicious experiences to show us! For instructions and more information click here.

41 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #41 – Delicious

  1. The familiar look of the Keukenhof! Lovely flowers! I was there last year for only the second time in my life.
    Did you enjoy the Keukenhof?

  2. I have seen a show about Holland’s flowers and so this post was another testament to their flowers – nice – and the old coffee gadget in the opening shot was cool – did you get to eat there?

    • Thank you kindly, Jane. It was a feast indeed, and it took us feasting the whole day. Thousands of photos to sort now…and myself too. We have guests already arrived for Easter, so, it will have to wait.

  3. Oh, wonderful, I’m so pleased you got to Keukenhof, A C! I would love to go, but not viable with the amount of walking that would be needed, alas

  4. had to look up your semla/fastlagsbulle. It seems to be a bit like a hot cross bun here or in the UK, which also appear before Easter, though these are usually not served with cream, but are buttered. The flowers look lovely.

    • Well, thank you – you would have loved it too. I came home yesterday, so no photos sorted really. More will be coming from the thousand I have…

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