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Yesterday, forty-nine fellow inhabitants of our world were murdered while they were worshiping in Mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. The madness of this act is unfathomable. The fact that it happened in New Zealand is deeply saddening. New Zealand ranks number two in the Global Peace Index.

At times like this our hearts can get very dark and the darkness can be infectious. While we mourn the loss, we must not succumb to a hopeless apathy for the state of our world.

The vast majority of people in the world are good. They have their hopes and dreams. They have family and friends whom they love. They have jobs and projects and passions and beliefs and art. They are trying to live their lives as well as they can. They are the ones — and we count ourselves among them — who deserve attention and help and love and…

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13 reaktioner på ”Now More Than Ever. . .

  1. !!!! Great inspirational post, dear Anne-Christine! To remember that we must follow our way & to believe in the better of the world! Have a nice week-end in your charming Narnia forest!

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  3. Thank you Leya, I followed the link and enjoyed both the photo and message. I’m hoping to publish a post of hope and comfort soon too, it’ll be a while though. I have another blogger’s photo I’m allowed to use but the words will take a while, you know, to think about.

  4. Well said, Anne-C. We have to realize that this abhorrent, unconscionable acts of voilence are carried out by vengeful, aberrant and disturbed individuals. And it is interesting that the perpetrator was white and modelled himself to that other monster in Norway.

    • Monsters they are. I read somewhere that he wanted revenge for that eleven year old girl in Stockholm who was killed by the truck. But what kind of revenge is this – he killed other people, even children…it is just the same thing over and over again.

      • An eye for an eye never ends violence, it perpetuates it. I have not yet heard that theory about the girl, but with a deranged mind, anything is possible. It eas said this morning he had only been in Australia for 45 days in the last ten years or so. He has been travelling all through Europe apparently. Not sure of the implications of this yet.

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