Thursday Thoughts – Looking Back

Do you sometimes look back and remember what happened the same month the year before? I seldom do…but thought I would try it today, as Totti’s birthday is approaching, and our wedding anniversary as well. But let’s start off with the strawberry tents – and a sculpture. Last week I saw the tents were up again – how I long for those strawberries!

In the header you see the last spell of snow on March 8,  2018. Not much this year so far.

Then, I had the privilege of meeting the world’s oldest blogger – Dagny, 106 years old. She was hit by a car this winter, but is still going strong… after a short hospital visit.

Totti turned 10 and my husband and I celebrated 40 years of marriage.


A memorable month – I wonder what will come out of March 2019? Milo is a new family member, and Totti will turn 11…Do you think summing up sometimes is a good thing?

Why or why not?



18 comments on “Thursday Thoughts – Looking Back

  1. Oh yes, you’re doing the look-back-by-a-year as I am! 🙂 Great to see! Obviously, I’m in favour. 😉 Happy birthday and anniversary. Bestia’s 6th birthday coming up in April. Sad to hear about the accident but glad to know she is alright.

  2. Beautiful roses. Congratulations. My heart sank when I heard about the lady being hit by a car. It must have been very hard to deal with that.

    • Thank you. And I think all Swedish people who have heard of Dagny (everyone…) felt upset and relieved at the same time. Hit when walking a pedestrian crossing…by a young woman texting …But Dagny was OK after a short time in hospital. A tough lady indeed.

  3. Happy Anniversary, A C! And I was pleased to read that the 106 year old is still going, even after being hit by a car….one tough lady!

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