Friendly Friday: Climate Change

Climate Change

is here


Time to act – 10-15-20 years ago. Now is the last minute – World leaders, WAKE UP!

15 reaktioner på ”Friendly Friday: Climate Change

  1. Hi again, Ann-Christine – just to repeat what I said earlier. I’ve recently joined Greenpeace and I was astonished to receive an email last week that said Climate Change has not featured at all on UK Parliament’s agenda over the past 2 years. The current regime is obsessed with making fracking easier and prospecting off shore for new sources of oil and gas. What is wrong with these people? The elites seem to imagine that all the wealth they’ve tucked away in the Caymans is going to make them immune from climate consequences.

    • Ha – I believe you are right. Immunity can’t be bought…It sounds crazy they did not have Climate Change on the agenda. And yes – What is wrong with these people?
      I did not find your comment in the thrash – so thank you for writing again! Glad you joined Greenpeace♥

  2. I wish the world leaders would wake up to the problem, but I guess oil still pulls quite some weight among politicians – who probably have their fingers in the organic pie, so to speak.

    I’ve been heartened by children of late, making sure their voices heard around the world. Leaders should listen to them. The young aren’t stupid.

    • So true Leya! Thanks for doing this post! Your photo reminds me of the rose in a glass box in Le Petit Prince. In a dystopian future (which hopefully never happens), a single surviving flower could be a great treasure…

    • I fear that our politicians will just not step up to their mark when it comes to Climate change, or at least not till it is too late. Each of us must do what we can now. We need more Gretas to help motivate the masses.

    • I agree – politicians are deeply involved in oil and other affairs…but children – our young – see the world with fresh eyes and will not accept the mess we are leaving for them to clean up!

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