Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Turning Point

Amanda (Something to Ponder About) asks us: ”Have you ever experienced a ‘Sliding Door’ moment? Those moments when you made a choice in life, that led to significant changes for you?”

I have always loved the movie, Sliding Doors, and seen it several times over the years. Gwyneth Paltrow is never wrong either.

But first – in the header – the biggest turning point in my life was the arrival of the children. Nothing in life makes a greater difference.  Then, over to more – and different – turning points.

Highgate Cemetery, and cemeteries in general, have always attracted me. This beauty was hidden for many years, found in 2013, sleeping below the ivy. Things hidden can be things of beauty – and a given turning point. I read about those who found her, and felt instant love. She was made out of one, single piece of marble.

I have always wanted to believe…I was a firm believer as a child, but in the 4th grade my new teacher told me Jesus must have been a healer using natural medicines – no wonders, nothing. Maybe he hadn’t ever existed?

My whole world crumbled, and I felt cheated by everyone – because school, science and the teachers had all the answers…And still today, I cannot believe in God. I am more of a Buddhist, a Pantheist, but that is my firm ground and belief.

Becoming a teacher has given me so much more of life than I had ever expected. And it was a decision I never thought I would make. Only a short week jumping in for another teacher, made me decide. I have never regretted it!

Finally – back to the movies… children we all have a craving for magic. The books about Harry Potter filled that gap for more than one generation. Not to speak of Tolkien and C.S.Lewis… I guess they meant a turning point for many children (and grown-ups…), and for literature in general.

So, Cheers to the Magic in our lives!

21 reaktioner på ”Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Turning Point

  1. Beautiful post, AC. There are defining moments in life. In those moments, the world changes for us. Like you, motherhood was definitely a wonderful shift. I was a teacher too–so I understand your love of it. And like you, I’ve been disappointed by organized religion. I love that photo of the kids who have just graduated. Do you teach teenagers?

  2. Interesting thoughts on life and turning points. I loved that film, Sliding Doors. I also like to think about Star Trek Next Generation parallel realities : you make a choice and one of you goes one way and the other you goes the other. Somewhere in Space all the ”yous” meet again.

    • I did not know of that Star Trek series with parallel realities! Love the idea – maybe it can be found on the Internet? I would like to see it.

      • It was out years ago and when our kids were small we used to watch it as a family on Friday evenings. I think you could get some episodes. I’m not sure all of them would feature the parallel realities but I remember one where one of the characters arrived in some sort of space anomaly and there were about 10 other versions of himself all of whom had made different decisions during his/their lifetimes! The story line for that episode was all about how he had to get back to his own life and let the other realities get back to theirs.

  3. I agree, having children makes a huge difference to our lives and how we view the world. They are treasures.

  4. The Mystical, the Divine More, that inexplicable spark of soul in each human and the way it interacts with events, responsively, intuitively, most often searching for something good – that is the Magic I believe in.

  5. I think, like for you, having children was the biggest turnaround for me, ever. It’s quite a revolution in a life, isn’t it. I haven’t actually seen Sliding Doors, but maybe I should make an attempt to watch the movie.

    • A revolution it is – and you can never imagine the magnitude. Never mind how much you read in advance or study your friends… It is also the best way to forget about yourself, to stop being so self-centered. Many of us are very self-centered as young – and as adults…it was a great relief to get rid of that feeling. That new little person is far more important than you are.
      As for Sliding Doors – I still think it is worth seeing. Back then, when it was released, it was a bit of an eye-opener to me.

  6. You clearly are a dedicated teacher, and you found your perfect job! Lucky you!
    Impressive skills in creating that artwork in that marble tomb? Who was it? Do they know?

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