Friendly Friday – Comfort Zone

The Snow Melts Somewhere

This week the prompt is about staying in your comfort zone – or not. The easiest thing is of course to stay there, but…nowadays we often hear we have to come out of it – because it is good for us. But is it… always?

My comfort zone is nature: in the forest, among meadows of flowers, in the mountains – and preferably alone. Or with my dogs.

Stepping out of my comfort zone is to ask people for a photo, a close-up – but I very seldom do. I am still not good at it – and do I really want to become good at it? I admire people who do street photography and get people to pose for them. But…maybe that is not for me.

I do like people who look cool though…

And, I never do selfies – that is to leave my comfort zone completely. This is not a selfie – my husband and his camera were sitting opposite me and Totti in the boat…

Only once have I asked someone to take a photo with me and another person. That was last year, when I met the world’s oldest blogger, Dagny (106 years old).

Finally – the biggest step out of my natural comfort zone, was when I decided to become a teacher. Everyday standing in front of hundreds of students and colleagues, speaking, writing, communicating. That really went against all my intuition and common sense. But I came to love it. So, I came out of my comfort zone to grow, test my capability and learn for life. But please let me escape selfies…




20 comments on “Friendly Friday – Comfort Zone

  1. First of all reading your last comment, I have had the same philosophy as you regarding dreams, andI fell I’ve fulfilled all of them (except one: living in a warm country again, like I did in my childhood – ”returning home”)… anyway, having fulfilled all my dreams makes me relax… and for me it was about taking control, too. We are quite similar in this way, you and me! 🙂 (And sure, many of them were ”little” dreams, but they were mine and they were what I wanted!)
    As for the photos, beautiful green detail and loved seeing you with Totti!
    Thanks for joining!

  2. ‘That really went against all my intuition and common sense.’ I really like this sentence, Ann-Christine. Stepping out of our comfort zone usually makes our life less dull. We learn and then learn somemore what we can actually do. I thought your close up shots were very good. Sharp. One of the things I learnt was to be myself – for a long time I tried to go against my personality and follow the crowd and realised it made me unhappy. To learn to be who I am, to not copy others and just do what I like, was a big step for me outside of my comfort zone.

    Your husband took a great photo of you and Totti. Great plaid shorts 🙂

    • Haha, well, glad you liked the shorts😉Knowing yourself is among the hardest things to learn. The earlier we are aware of the importance – the better people we have a chance to be. But I guess we never really learn…there will always be surprises…comfortable and uncomfortable ones. Have a great weekend, dear Mabel!

  3. Good for you, A-C. I’m with you on selfies. I’ve taken a few, but I’m amazed (appalled?) at how many people take selfies rather that photos of the beauty around them. That being said, tell you husband thanks for sharing his photo of you and Totti. It was lovely to see you both together.


    • Haha, well, I will tell him! And I agree about the selfies! How I always wonder why people standing in front of a spectacular view – set themselves there too. Hiding the real view!

  4. Lovely photos of you and sweet Totti😍 I stepped out of my comfort zone when I asked for a job playing piano at a popular restaurant in Johannesburg. I saw someone playing the grand piano there one day and thought to myself, “I’m sure I could do that.” That was the start of many years of playing in various restaurants and I also got an offer to teach music at a school, which I did for thirteen years. I always considered myself as rather shy, but this really brought me out of my shell. 🤣

    • Good. Then it came through. But I also believe you have to want this! If you have no awareness of what goals you have, I am not sure you should step out.

      • I’ve always taken a more random approach to things. I like to just walk the path and see where it goes. The less I plan, the more I learn, although it’s not always been an easy path. I never quite understood the concept of goals. I mean if something is important I work towards it, but the rest of life is just a learning experience for me. I seem to have always been programmed that way, but over the years I have adopted certain spiritual ‘beliefs’. I use that word loosely as I am a natural agnostic. It s hard to explain without going fully into it. Perhaps it is time for that blog!

      • I think it is the need for control in my life that always has guided me. Now that I am older, I feel that does not matter as much as it used to do. And I prefer to call them dreams instead of goals… I think I know how you mean – but writing a post on it would be great for us readers!
        I have reached/fulfilled all my most important goals/dreams, everything I ever wanted to try or do. So I feel I can die with no regrets…Sounds a bit pretentious, but I believe some people work like I do – as a child you have dreams, and when the biggest dreams are fulfilled, you can relax on the rest of your dreams – if you reach them it is wonderful, but you will feel rather good even if you don’t. And those little dreams, are important to have…because when you stop dreaming or stop being curious – life is over.

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