Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Revisited

Amanda asks us to revisit this Friendly Friday, and I have chosen Iceland. We have visited several times, and never tire of this magical saga country. This summer we are going back again, to the western part of Iceland, and to revisit Vestmannaeyar.

Seljalandsfoss 2006 – in the header, 2016 and winter.

Gullfoss winter 2016 and summer 2006.

And the mesmerizing lava fields, 2006, just have to have it again!

Thank you, Amanda, for a chance to remember and revisit!



52 reaktioner på ”Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Revisited

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  2. Your photos bring back memories of our trips to Iceland. Once we visited in late October for the Iceland Airwaves, an international music festival with venues all of Reijkjavik. Another time we went in early March. The northern lights eluded us, so hopefully we get to see them next time we go to hopefully explore the rest of the island. Great photographs of Gullfoss!

  3. I agree with Leya. You may be lucky enough to see the lights if you head out of the city areas. Plenty of companies do tours. The main problem is the weather. The lights may be active, but cloud cover will stop you seeing them, especially in the winter seasons. All the best, you might get lucky. Staying over a week increases your chances of seeing them as well – given the weather variants. Else you have to go up to the north of Finland for another good chance!

  4. I was wrong on my guess as to the country you chose for the Friendly Friday prompt, but pleasantly wrong! Iceland is one of my favourite destinations. I was only there in winter so it is really intriguing to see the falls in summer, and especially the lava fields. They are mesmerizing! They remind me a little of the rolling green convoluted hills outside Wellington in New Zealand! Fantastic photos. And also a reminder my memory is not so good. I was calling Godafoss , Gullfoss and visa versa! Ah! My mind needs sharpening up!

  5. Amazing! I hope to go to Iceland for the first time this summer! Judging from these photos, I know it will be amazing!

  6. Beautiful photos! We were thinking of visiting there, but it wasn’t on the top of our list. After seeing your photos, I definitely want to go soon, even though I don’t think we can take good photos like these ;-). Thanks.
    Have a great day.

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