Thursday Thoughts – Fryksås Winters…

Suddenly I remembered all those years we every winter went to Fryksås in Dalarna,  and stayed at the Fäbodvall in a typical old cottage from the 19th century – or older. When I look up Fäbod in English, it says shieling/sheeling – small huts were farmers used to spend their summers in the mountain pastures, looking after their cattle.

We used to go skiing in the hills and the dogs had great fun. The children were not that old, so they went skiing with us, but also used the hills for other ways of sliding down on the snow…

And I miss those days. No TV or radio, no electric lights – only the sun and candle light. The long evenings after skiing and playing in the snow, we played card games or board games, and read books together. The beds for the children were still like in the old days, called skåpsängar – in English box-beds or closed beds.

We all loved it. We kept going there until 2010. And do you know – the children  never missed their electric gadgets, and neither did my husband or I.

49 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – Fryksås Winters…

  1. Such lovely winter images in Fryksås. So nice to hear of your recollection of winters there all those years ago. Sounds like all of those winters were so much fun, and those memories are timeless. Nothing like handing out with those you love and having a good holiday together 🙂

    • True, Mabel. Every day there was a feast… always lots of snow and much skiing. Mindfulness. Where I live in Skåne, the snow never stays for more than some days, then rain again. Skiing is impossible.

  2. It looks to great. I spent so much of my life without gadgets, without being hooked up to the internet 24/7, yet that seems a different lifetime. Perhaps it’s what the kids need, a dose of reality. Although who’s reality is it?

    • Good question. But I do believe silence, being bored and trying to live a more simple life is very important. Once the young have tried it, from they are small, there will be a certain yearning for it somewhere…At least that is how it worked for us.

      • It’s an odd situation really. I crave peace and solitude, but have not installed the same in my children. I think it’s a lack of time really, they are with their Mum most weekends, and I have to get through a week of school and work with them. Yet, every now and then we go down to Devon to see my cousin and there they are cut off really. (No signal in Sidmouth). Maybe I need to work on that next time! You have made me think though. I have had times, like three weeks in the Himalayas, before mobile phones, no electricity. Perhaps the most rewarding time in my life. Yes you have made me think.

  3. I worked at a living history museum which was like a re-enactment of 19th century farm and village life here in Wisconsin, where immigrants came to settle. I loved working on the wood-burning stoves, no electricity. It was not open in the winter, though. There was a sauna on the Finnish farm.

    • It is – all the old cottages and the beauty of Orsa lake so close. The most fantastic thing is that you rent an old cottage with all the old furniture left and even the box beds.

  4. Precious memories and lovely photos, Ann-Christine. I have similar fond memories from my early years in Norway and appreciate your post very much.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. I love your memories. 🙂 🙂 I’ve never been a big fan of the cold, wet stuff but it looks magical in photos, and in the memory. The best bit is indoors afterwards.

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