Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Inspiration

A new challenge – thank you Snow and Amanda –  and Fridays are not filled up for me yet! Here we go ;-D

All My greatest inspirations are gathered in these two photos. My son, my dog(s), the outdoors, hiking and my daughter. I just have to see them, hear them or hug them, while breathing fresh air…and often it is enough to just think of them!





37 comments on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Inspiration

    • Thanks, Patti, we all try to do our best with our children – some things turn out beautifully and others don’t. I am glad they both love art and music and practice it themselves! Our children keep us moving and staying alert, don’t they?

  1. Families and children are indeed beautiful, loving inspiration. It is what gets us up every day that we are exhausted, what calms us when we are stressed and reassures us when we were worried. I love my daughter and sons more than anything in the world! So I totally get that they are also your inspiration. Beautiful photos for the challenge. Hope to see you next week at my blog, Ann-C.

    • Yes, my son is a graphic designer and my daughter (soon a dentist) writes fiction, draws and paints -and makes her own clothes. So when we see each other there is much creativity. My son has just got a new apartment – old style – and I got the opportunity to help moving an fixing it up in the right style. We had some inspirational fun!

      • Accomplished children! No doubt they are so creative because their Mum has encouraged that so wonderfully well! What fun decorating his apartment! I am planning to build a new home soon. So I also look forward to that activity in the near future. Are they any general pitfalls you identified?

      • A new home! Are you moving or just reorganizing? How great – I would have loved to do that myself. I beoieve you should move a couple of times to get rid of things unnecessary…Pitfalls? Well, I believe you should always be thorough and well read. Not buy everything from the start – let it grow. Less furniture than you first want…
        Oh, my, you will send pictures I hope? How thrilling!

      • We are moving. It is exciting but yes also a little daunting when the designers ask to about construction features to dont know to much about. What size window do you want here? My answer: what choices do I have? Maybe I will share some of the journey ?? Not sure. Should I reveal more of my life?
        Btw, my husband won’t let me buy too much furniture at once!!
        You are so very right about moving to get rid of stuff. It makes you do it.

      • Should you reveal more? Only you know that…Interesting it is though! Would be nice to hear about the differences form your old house!

      • I think I will find a way to do it with some level of anonymity! Thanks for inspiring me. It will be different from our previous abode. No swimming pool for starters. And houses are generally very different here from in Scandinavia. Do you think folks would want to hear about that?

      • Oh, I do think so. That is part of my interest in blogging at least – getting to know about the differences and likenesses!

      • Okay. Then I will do that. Snow encouraged me to write a post about growing up in my town – funnily enough she lived here when she was young and I so enjoyed writing it. It might be the same writing about differences. Tack så mycket, Ann-C.

  2. I got confused because I could only see one photo. Then I found that your ”featured” photo wasn’t showing in WP Reader, just the photo of your daughter. I could only see the photo of your son when I went to your blog (took me a wee while to find it though because I wasn’t looking at the top header area).

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