Tuesday Photo Challenge – Challenge

Frank at Dutch Goes the Photo gives us the challenge: Challenge.

Well, this young man is my great challenge every day…and Totti’s…

…but now he is 7 months old and I believe he is coming along nicely. We train every day, and his school teachers tell him he is a smart and talented student. Next week will be the last meeting before Christmas, and then we will see if he shall pass the exam…

24 reaktioner på ”Tuesday Photo Challenge – Challenge

  1. I must tell you a story about how our first family dog and I did in the exam after his training sessions. Probably you’re doing a similar test: first the dog is on the leash and you perform required steps and exercises and then you do the exact same thing with the dog unleashed and walking next to you. Well, the first part went well but as soon as I unleashed him, he ran to each of the five members of the committee as if to laugh in their faces and say Train this!! The worst thing was that I was chuckling on the inside just as much. 😀 Now you know a bit more about me, I am an incorrigible freedom fighter and protester against authority. 😉 All his subsequent 13 years he was a most excellent dog and we understood each other without much words.

    Do not let your dog read this.

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