Thursday Thoughts – The Forest is Down

Today was going to be a lovely hiking day – sun promised and no wind. I decided for the Bockeboda forest – looking forward to a bright winter’s day. I told Totti and Milo where we were heading, and they knew what to expect already in the early morning.

10 minutes into our walk, we found these tracks…and soon, the sound of forest machines reached our ears. Then we heard a huge tree falling. Some minutes later, I realized the forest ahead was gone.

We had great difficulties in finding the track – if you ever have walked in familiar forests, you follow the paths and know exactly what trees will be standing where. I guess it is the same in cities – if they tear down your familiar buildings and streets, you are lost.

This photo was taken some weeks ago – who would have guessed it was to be the last one from this beautiful forest?

Milo is standing in exactly the same place as in the previous photo – maybe thinking…Where did my forest go? My playground, my hiking favorite? Well, today every tree was down, piled up, waiting to be transported away from where they were raised for as long as I have lived – around 60-65 years.

The path back home again seemed a bit bleak, or maybe it was because of my tears.


43 comments on “Thursday Thoughts – The Forest is Down

  1. It is incredible that Milo is standing in the same spot. It looks so awfully stark. Will they re-plant the forest? I know it will not be the same for a long long time, but one hopes that one day it will for our children?

  2. Oh! This is terrible!!! What a shock this must have been to you and the dogs felt it too, I’m sure. 😦 This photo from the last time the woods still stood deserves to reach local newspapers and make people think.

  3. This happened to.the forest next to us too. It take your breath away that a few machines can fell a forest in days. Afterwards it looks devasted. Why more people don’t managed forest as continuous cover i cannot understand. I read interesting blog on it recently. Will try and find you link. Will they replant? Go back next summer and see how Mother Nature tries to repair the damage. It gave me hope when i saw wildflowers return to the devasted landscape beside us.

    • Mother Nature is fast in repairing, but I wonder what will be planted here – I guess the same species if possible. For another 60 years. But I hope for a short time of flowers at least.

  4. What a terrible experience, and a very sad loss. New Zealand is full of mono-culture pine forests grown specifically for ”harvest” and I am used to seeing land that was once green stripped down to its ragged grey underwear, but my dismay doesn’t lessen with time.

  5. So very sad to see this Ann-Christine, such excessive logging would not be permitted here in the Highlands as it has a detrimental effect on the eco system and wildlife. I don’t know enough about Swedish regulations and the influence of conservation groups in your local area – it would be worth finding out what can be done 💜 xxx

    • Thank you for your advice, but I think this is government forest and we can do nothing . Money is everything and the trees were fully grown. The question is what will the new plants be?

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