Macro Monday – Jewels

In my garden, there are not many colours left – unless you look for them –

A macro perspective is of great help – things unseen will reveal themselves…

I was concentrating on a tiny mushroom, and clicked. Once on my computer – I found this little friend sneaking up from nowhere.

And I never get tired of the morning jewellery.

25 reaktioner på ”Macro Monday – Jewels

  1. Yes, the details discovered after the fact are part of the joy of photography. Sometimes, though, I wish I’d seen the thing at the time I took the picture so I could’ve done a better job photographing it.

    • I am very happy to have inspired you! Well, this is no real ”challenge”, just my own tries, but feel free to link some of your treasures to this post if you want to! Maybe it could develop into a challenge?

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