Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #21: Splash!


This week, Patti is hosting our challenge – and she has chosen an interesting subject –  ”Splash!” for us to illustrate, and relate to. The essential Water. And in order to survive and live on this beautiful planet, we rely on water. (And oxygen…and…)

In the header, the photo shows the bathroom at Casa Battló in Barcelona. (Fake water…)

Memories from the Spanish west coast – a warm and glorious evening!

The sound of a River in Iceland, making its way to the cold winter sea.

Lofoten, Norway, is something otherworldly…

And down to the tiniest spot, we rely on water. To catch fish, drink, but also to play with – and in…Bring your mum if it looks too dangerous!

My students always had to go through several ”tests” when they first started college. One of them meant filling a tube with water, and to cooperate to stop the water from splashing through the holes in it. Using yourself only! And there were several holes drilled in it…. They almost always threw themselves into the game – After some minutes the leftover water was measured, and the winners were…:-D



31 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #21: Splash!

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  2. Lovely interpretation of the challenge, Leya. We all need water, the Earth needs water…and while we can fun with it, in the bigger scheme of things it’s important to remember to conserve water. That said, that game your students play sounds fun and they look like they had so much fun 🙂

    • Mabel, I so agree about conserving water and not wasting it. And not polluting it.
      I do miss my students sometimes – especially when looking at photos like this one. So much joy! And I love it when youngsters can play wholeheartedly like that. When I was younger I was so shy and always stayed in the background. Luckily we grow up and get more confidence.

      • It’s so true. We are not far away from beaches, and one time we went when the waves were 10 feet high. I took low of photos on high tides and waves. This is the busy time of the year for me so I didn’t search for them for this post.

  3. What wonderful images, Ann-Christine. I can’t believe that first shot isn’t real water. It looks so realistic. The shot of Lofoten was breathtaking and the last shot of your students was wonderfully human and fun. Your reminder that even the tiniest creatures need water is a valuable one. A great post! I love how we all interpret the challenges a little differently. 🙂

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