Thursday Thoughts – What Eyes Can Tell

At the Light Move Festival in September, there were astonishing light shows in the evenings. But daytime, we walked all over the city, enjoying the people and the festive feeling in every corner of the main streets.

I met many lovely people, and talked to some…when I suddenly came across a couple sitting on a colourful bench. At their feet, a gorgeous dog with fantastic fur – both colours and structure. About the size of a Labrador, but with a slender and agile appearance.

I asked if I could talk to her and feel her lovely coat.

I was allowed to do so…and bent down to touch her. Her name was Annie, only 2 years old, completely calm and harmonious.

And then – she raised her head and looked at me –

– Have you ever seen anything like those eyes? My cheek fell and I just gasped.

I tried to find out what breed she was, but as I guessed, she must have been a mix. It turned out she was from Romania, and on my question about her parents and siblings, they said they did not know…Or rather, I think they could not understand or speak enough English to answer my questions.

Again I told them what an amazing dog they had – so calm too at this young age. A precious gem. It was not easy to leave her there – and I so regret I never found out their names and address. It would have been great to follow her life further on.

Those eyes –



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