Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #18: Blending In – or Standing Out?

As I walk in the forest every day, I notice that the tracks and paths are slowly disappearing with the falling leaves. In the thick carpet of autumn brown, yellow and red, I lose my dogs more easily because of their blending in, and today I could not find the main path ahead at all…

Blending in – essential when you are a child, and in Nature it might be of crucial importance. A matter of Life or Death. How important is it to us humans today?

Blending in is of less importance in this shot, though. A domesticated animal in the first frosty days in the forest. But here blending in brings harmony and beauty to the eye.


Somewhere in Spain, I came upon these cats – and as cats still are hunters, and often wild in these areas, I guess they take advantage of their good camouflage colours.

In the Galapagos Islands the animals don’t have many enemies, but here are two fine examples of perfect blending in:

The Galápagos Dove, like many other animals on the islands, is endemic, and has developed perfect colours and behaviour to blend in.
The Yellow-crowned Night-heron was standing perfectly still, and spotted only when the panga came very close to the rocks.

Standing out, then – is also of great importance. In the world of animals, the female often has to blend in to survive and to protect her young, while the males often must stand out in order to attract the best females.

When it comes to us humans, some hundred years ago I guess it was mostly women who strove to stand out – for the men to pick and choose. At least in the western world. (Read Ovid and his advice for women on how to get/please/keep a man…) Today, men too put make up on, and wear fancy and colourful clothes (- and powder and body painting exists since long in some societies.) Moreover, for our young it has become important to define themselves early in life.

Somehow, everybody must learn how to play the game…when to blend in and when to stand out. And be prepared for swift changes…

A people who do stand out beautifully, is the Sweden living Sámi people. Their colourful culture shows off mostly strong blue, red and yellow clothes for festivities – and here the men are most spectacular. The different colours are used to show heritage and kin.


So, what is most important to you – blending in or standing out? This week’s challenge is to show us your thoughts in a photo!


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The next challenge (#19) will be hosted by Amy on Saturday, November 10 at noon.  Welcome to join in! For more information on the Lens-Artists Photo Challenges, click here. Most importantly, remember to TAG your post ” Lens-Artists ” so it appears in the Reader.


And finally, have an outstandingly(!) inspiring week!



175 comments on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #18: Blending In – or Standing Out?

      • I have to go out but I’ll try to reconstruct it. Meantime you might check the spam folder. I noticed on RDP (I am one of the prompters there) that about 5% of the legitimate comments and pingbacks end up in the spam folder.

    • I think when they are working in the field with their reindeer, they blend in more, yes. Did you find the challenge hard – then you succeeded the better!

  1. Hi, A-C. I love how you express your thoughts about standing out and blending in. Intriguing and this gives me ”food for thought” as I prepare my post for this week. I love the last ”standing out” photo. What gorgeous colors! (I guess that gives you an idea of what I’ll be writing about in my post!)

  2. Fascinating theme and what an amazing and wonderful post you’ve done Leya, I’ve enjoyed your photos and thoughts very, very much. I loved everything you presented but especially the Galapagos Doves (never come across those, what lovely colour they have) and the Sami man – what striking colours!

  3. What an interesting post and question. I love all your examples. I will have to.go away and think about this challenge. Thank you to all the lens-artists, i am really enjoying your challenges.

  4. I really like the theme this week and whew, the blue and red colors in the Sámi attire does stand out (is the reindeer saying, ”Nice digs.”) –
    and then those cats on the crumbling brick wall is a photo that seems to whisper of stories.
    Now I am off to ponder my take on the challenge this week…..

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