Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #17: Just For FUN!

Just for fun – is Patti’s challenge for this week. Well,  I cannot promise any fantastic shots from me …but I promise I had fun taking these photos!

In the header, four of my students, in Madrid, on their last trip together before graduating. Can you figure out how they did this ”thing”? I still cannot…


For many years the whole family traveled through Europe by car every summer. Sometimes we had to wait for hours in long queues, especially on Autobahn in Germany – so, here’s my daughter trying to cheer things up…

A favorite photo I have shared on WordPress before… from Figueres, 2011.

My children are a great source of fun…always…

A photo I had to take, since we all are great Lotr fans, and my daughter found a Uruk Hai warrior (he really was one of the actors in the movies!) at Matamata, NZ…

I guess his son was a bit surprised…This young dad in Rome jumped up on a fountain lion himself…

And finally, I caught the biggest fish in Gore, NZ…


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    • Maybe I should not say this – because teachers should not have favorites …ar least never show it to the students…but this class was so charming and full of tricks and good humour. I still think of them with a warm heart, and in fact I still have contact with some of them. We meet up almost every year in Spring.

      • That’s great to know Christine. I think its ok to have favourites, I think favourites are the one who makes teachers go one step above the norm. 🙂 That also says you are a great teacher!

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