Thursday Thoughts – The Lonely House

Lonely houses have always fascinated me, but maybe you too have noticed, that some people have a downright obsession with them…?

A lonely house can have a very picturesque location…

– maybe not that easily accessible…

And, at a closer look, you might find it is only an old boat shed…

…or maybe a lonely barn. On the other hand – I could live in one of those as well.

Some newer loners enjoy spectacular seascape views…

…while others stand dilapidated, slowly falling apart.

And then, there are the abandoned houses just looking – eerie…

…while others, at the end of the road, see new guests arriving every year.

Where do you stand in this? Do you believe they are lonely, desolate, forlorn, solitary – or what word would you use? Is a house ”alive” in some ways? Could they hide/have memories? Do you ask yourself questions like: I wonder who once lived here? And, what did their lives look like? Why did they leave?

Are you constantly photographing them…or would never dream of doing it?

I find them enigmatic.

29 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – The Lonely House

  1. There is beauty you have captured in these lonely, abandoned houses, they seem to have an air of solitude. I always have to stop and photograph them too. We call them “June’s “ as a friend called June always asks us to take their photos for her to draw and paint them, she is obsessed with them….

  2. i love these photos, Ann-Christine, and I often wonder why people choose to live in such isolation. However, I do always love them when I find them, especially to photograph. I found some amazing solitary homes in Iceland; your second and third photos look very much like the one I found!

  3. Beautiful photographs Ann-Christine! Many of these remote houses look perfect for a writer’s or artist’s retreat, a quiet place to be. To me they never seem lonely – they are always surrounded by nature and the abandoned houses are gradually reclaimed by nature, providing a home for all kinds of wildlife 🙂💖 xxx

  4. Great images, A C…I love the dilapidated Lofoten one! I would concur with them often being enigmatic, and you know I love my decaying, abandoned, deserted, dilapidated things! Cobwebs and Corrosion push my buttons!!

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