Sortland – the Blue City

We had one single rainy day in Norway, and decided to spend it in the Blue City – Sortland. The artist Bjørn Elvenes started a millenium project to paint the city blue…

Famous blue cities are Chefchauen in Morocco and Jodhpur in India.

…but how the story ended is still not clear. However, the overall impression is –

that he at least succeeded in large parts of Sortland. Many shades of blue greeted us now that the skies did not show any signs of this colour…

The city is small, but has today got about 10 400 inhabitants.

We enjoyed the one hour walk, even if we had to pop into some shops and the library to avoid the heaviest showers…

A rainy day well spent!

26 reaktioner på ”Sortland – the Blue City

  1. Vilken fantastisk idé att måla en stad i blått! Kikade på länken till Marocco, inte lika stilrent som här men full av charm. Kul att få ta del av, skulle inte en kunnat peka ut Sortland på kartan!

  2. It is interesting to hear you read in your comment to Tish that this town looks best in blue in sunlight. It already looks lovely and quaint as it is. Does sound like a day well spent and managing to avoid the heaviest downpours 🙂

  3. Better than average odd’s I think for none rainy days….. but that seems to be the pattern over most places north of the equator this summer. I enjoy it but it can become stressful for many. Have to admit I would enjoy a shower or two to freshen things up. 🙂

  4. I believe I have a bucket list item. The color blue has such a calming effect to me. The photos in the feed look exactly that. blue and calm. I loved the pink (penstemons?) by the window. The contrast is brilliant. Donna

    • I think they do – I would not want to live in a place with only one colour residing – even if I like it too. But not every house was blue, the city did not want to cooperate with the artist, so he had to negotiate with every house owner. A great job…

  5. Interesting to see so much blue in the northern hemisphere. My inclination is to think the light isn’t quite right for showing off all the blue shades to their best advantage. But then blue is supposed to be soothing, and the Maasai equate it with heaven.

    • Interesting, yes. Rainy days are definitely not the best for this colour, but days with sun it looks great. On the other hand, we often hear that Lofoten is not generally seen as a sunny resort. I guess the artist loved the colour blue and maybe connected it to heaven and the sea. Lofoten is a land of fishermen, and to them, it is all about blue!

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