Thursday Thoughts – From Narvik to Svolvær

Narvik was developed as an all-year ice free port for the Swedish Kiruna and Gällivare iron mines. In my youth I was here once, but did not go further out to Lofoten. This time we also took the train to Riksgränsen and back again. We got an interesting view of the new bridge connecting islands – not finished yet.

Riksgränsen (the border to Sweden) – and as you can see there is no activity during summer – it seems. Abandoned cafées and all lifts still waiting for passengers.

Back in Narvik again I marvelled at the abundance of red clover overlooking the harbour. Flowers everywhere along the roads in Sweden and Norway – a wonder for me used to the brownish yellow burnt landscape at home.

We spent only a day here – then left for Lofoten and its beautiful, varied landscapes.

For the Swedish ”Fika” this first day, we found a lovely place with the sound of running water and a soothing mountain view.

Milo would have loved this place. Low water and easy to splash around and play.

The common butterwort grew on the banks of this little river – did you know this is a carnivorous plant? I didn’t before I looked it up in the flora.

Just before darkness, we arrived in Svolvaer – the main town in Lofoten – which will be in the next post!



23 comments on “Thursday Thoughts – From Narvik to Svolvær

  1. My eyes could rest on those photos forever. The inscription ”takk til våre allierte” moves me deeply. The bridge is amazing. I feel quite homesick now – and happily looking forward to my next visit at the end of the month.

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