Leaving Abisko – for Norway and Lofoten

In the header is Lapporten (Swedish: ”The Lapponian Gate”) or Tjuonavagge (Northern Sami: Čuonjávággi, ”Goose Valley”). This is a U-shaped valley in Lapland in northern Sweden, and one of the most familiar and famous natural sights of the mountains there.

Driving towards the Norwegian border, we left lake Torne Träsk behind us heading for the coast and Narvik, Norway.

This is a rough, high mountain area with not that much vegetation. The Norwegians seem to love it and their cottages (No. ”Hytter”) are everywhere perched on the flat rocks.

Staying in your own hytte is in the Norwegian national soul just as our cottages are in the Swedish soul. They vary in standard from no water or electricity (the ”real thing”, according to many) to luxury houses.

The view was tightening, but we relished every minute of the chilly fog and the fresh air. Three months in a sauna is not my cup of tea.

40 reaktioner på ”Leaving Abisko – for Norway and Lofoten

  1. Lovely landscapes, but I and my father who likes these things are most impressed with the letter Č that is obviously present also in the language of Northern Samis (and not only in Slovenian). Good to know!

  2. Gorgeous photos again, Ann-Christine. It looks so good in b&w. I’d love to visit this place.

    I have spent every summer in a hytte an an island in Norway, even before I was born. Now my mum is poorly (had to move into a care home a few weeks ago) and we sold it two years ago. It was something I dreaded, like a physical pain. And then it was alright. I felt free in a way. Could relax and let my shoulders down. No need to go home every summer and help looking after the hytte and the garden, in the end it was more hard work and an obligation. During the years I lived in Norway it was great though and I’m happy for the precious memories.

    • I understand the feeling about the hytte and all obligations that follow. There is a dreadful pain leaving it – and just before leaving…but the feeling afterwards must be relief. And thankfulness, like you say, for all the precious memories. I feel almost the same about our summer house. Only – my husband does not want to leave it. He spent all his summers there.

      • Because we had a summer house on an island only 40 minutes drive from Fredrikstad we spent all summer there. It was great when I was a child, but I hardly saw anything else of Norway or anything else else for that matter apart from a few trips to Sweden and Denmark. Now I have been living abroad for so many years and I just love being free to travel. The option to take over the summer house was not at all tempting. It would have been more obligations to go there and nowhere else.

  3. Wow! This is such a charming and picturesque valley, Leya. Thanks for bringing this place closer and causing the travel bug to itch me. Seems like an excellent place for a morning stroll, right?

    • Well…that was not exactly my intention ;-D. If you had suffered three months in a sauna – hating saunas – this ”picturesque valley” would be a complete dream.
      Nice blog you have got – causing travel bug itches! Thank you for a fun comment.

  4. The header photo is magnificent, and I love the starkness of the other photos. My Norwegian friends have a hytte but I don’t know where. It is mostly used as a base for skiing.

  5. The sky is always to star (even when it is seems to be engulfing the shore) I guess that is what I love about these northern climes. Love the feel of your shots they take you there 🙂

  6. I love the thought of those hyatte being in your national soul. A bit like our beach baches and small house on the quarter acre section. Definitely a thing of the past here now. Fabulous photos Leya

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