Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Soft

This week, Tina is our host, and she challenges us to show an interpretation of SOFT.

Is it something as simple as a puppy’s fur, or as personal as your favorite quilt or sweater? Maybe it’s the soft light of dawn or the whisper of a soft breeze through the trees. Let us know in your response what SOFT means to you.”

Tina’s beautiful series of animals leaves us with a soft whisper from nature – and she inspired me to contribute with some softness from northern Sweden and Norway, where I spent some days last week.

In the header, a lovely little bridge by the road in Lofoten. I stopped to take a photo, but, as I was parking the car, the fog had smoothly settled between the mountains – and totally changed the scenery. Now the landscape was swept in a soft, cool blanket, and my photo created a totally different, but maybe more interesting feeling.

The other shots are from Lapland, Sweden, where we were welcomed back by the softest carpet of white cotton-grass and common cotton-grass.

In Northern Europe, for hundreds of years cotton-grass was used as a substitute in the production of paper,  candle-wicks, and wound-dressings. And used as filling, they made the softest of pillows.

Do you have cotton-grass in your country as well? Do you know what it was used for in the old days – or maybe still is?


For more information on how to participate in the Lens-Artists photo challenge, click here. And – be sure to tune in for Patti’s challenge next week on Pilotfish!


31 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Soft

  1. We don’t have cotton grass here at all, but then our flora is totally different to most other countries so it is not that surprising. Whay did surprise me was that it was so beautiful and definitely the epitome of ‘soft.’

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  3. I don’t know if cotton grass is like what we call cotton in the US, which also grows on grass or bushes–I forget what the details are since I seldom see it. It’s good if it is used for practical things that avoid waste of trees.

  4. Beautiful choices this week Ann-Christine. Cotton was a staple here in the southern US but the new, high-tech fabrics have pretty much killed the industry, as did (thankfully) abolishing slavery.

    • Yes, real cotton has a sad history. Fortunately this is a wild flower/grass, with a story mostly concerning poor people in the countryside. I am glad you liked the choices.

  5. I have hiked extensively in South Africa and never seen it but that doesn’t mean it isn’t found here. Cotton does grow here though, thanks for introducing me to the grass Leya

  6. Beautiful images for the challenge Ann-Christine, I love the softness of the cotton grass especially. It grows here too, in the National Park and on the moorlands. It has been used for wound dressings and stuffing pillows 🙂💖 xxx

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