Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Time to Relax

This week’s host for the photo challenge is Amy : ”Show us your favorite ‘time to relax’ activity, place, or moment.  It can be in any season, month, week, or day. :)”


Relax is  something we all try to do – and need to do. Sometimes they are hard to get by, those moments…but sooner or later you will learn what works for just you.

I find it very relaxing to walk along the paths of graveyards – especially really old ones. Père Lachaise in Paris, Highgate cemetery in London and the old Jewish burial places in Poland are my favorites.

At home, this place is an unmistakable relaxing spot – with or without Totti!

Summertime, I love to walk out here in the evenings to enjoy the sunset.

My flowers, pot plants, orchids – all of them need their daily attendance. They give me a very relaxing hour every morning.

No shop can compete with bookshops for my attention as well as relaxation. Libraries also offer instant harmony.

But lastly – my infallible remedy against stress and pro relaxation of mind and body – is a walk in the lush green of the forest.

If you missed Amy’s challenge for this week, click here.  For more information on how to participate in the Lens-Artists photo challenge, click here. And last but not least, remember to tune in to Tina of Travelsandtrifles next week for our next photo challenge!



33 comments on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Time to Relax

  1. Leya, I found it interesting the you find cemeteries relaxing. I used to love running through them in my college years. I remember feeling so much peace there, and usually there are very large old trees to bring character to these sacred places. My favorite photo was of Totti. Clearly, the best spot in the yard. Nice collection of photos. Donna

      • Actually, I don’t run anymore and in Phoenix the cemetery doesn’t have a lot of tree cover as it is a xeriscape. With a horticulture background, I volunteered for a few years tending to the gardens at our National Cemetary. It is quite moving to hear military honors going on while gardening nearby.

      • Now I learned a new word as well – xeriscape. Thank you! I can understand you liked your different experience at the National Cemetary.

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