Thursday Thoughts – Reality is…

Thinking about reality and truth…

This is what my garden looks like today. Everything is dried out, and a single survivor is standing there, in the middle of what once was a lawn. A sweet Marguerite.


Then, if I look closely, I might find some more survivors – in the flowerbed at the back of the house, and of course I have tried to save some of my outdoor plants – the Tejas lilies and some begonias are coming now. Everything develops very fast though, in less than a week, they come – and go.

My most faithful friends are the Lavender and the Buddleias. I water them every day, and the wine as well. So – this small part of my garden, about 4 x 2,5 meters – is this the true picture of our summer 2018? No, but sometimes we can choose our own truth. I believe some people always do, but I prefer honesty and trying to show different angles or both sides. Life is never only going one way, and I think that is a good thing.






16 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – Reality is…

  1. Here in Ireland we are experiencing similar drought. Though thankfully here in the west the last week had been more cloudy and we have had one or two light rain showers. The last summer it was so warm and dry was 1976. I do love your watered area of the garden.

    • I rest my eyes every day on that area…so tired of the drought and all the worries about the animals starving. Glad you had some showers!

  2. You have such a balanced and sympathetic approach to life. 🙂 🙂 If I look out of our front window I can see a swathe of lavender too. And the roses are having a field day in the back. The lawn has just about recovered and the Boston Ivy is romping up the side of our house. I guess I’ll miss it when we go.

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