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  1. We had a large Bradford pear tree in front of our house. A few months ago a big limb came crashing down. The tree was probably already more than 30 years old, which is the average for its kind, and because I was worried that other branches could fall and hurt someone, I sadly decided to have a company cut the tree down. Every time we come home, even after several months, the large open space in front of the house still seems strange.

    • That will surely be the case here too. This apple tree must be very old, as we moved in 40 years ago and already then it was old. Sad to see it go, but many birds treasure the insects hiding there.

  2. Hi Ann-Christine, sorry about your apple tree. We had three birch trees that died a long time ago. I had one cut down but was reluctant to cut all of them. I like the white color and left them there as a sculpture. Finally, when my husband was working on the plant around them and leaned on them, they flopped. Good thing that they didn’t fall on my husband because they were quite heavy. It didn’t take long to dig up the roots.

    I hope your apple tree could stand for a long time to provide a home for the birds.

    • I love birch trees as well, and we have many in our garden. I understand your love for them! We lost two of them a couple of years ago and one fell on our house in a storm. Then my husband decided we should cut the others so they would not fall on the house too. We did, but they are not as beautiful as a full grown tree anymore. Glad your husband did not get injured.

    • It is indeed challenging, but the old tree was not in a good shape before either. This heat was the final blow. That old apple tree you could say… defined the house, so I will keep it standing until it falls. The birds will lose their home as well.

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