Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Wonder

A wonder – everything in creation is. And, in December 2016, I was fortunate enough to enjoy this tiny Wonder (it is the smallest seabird in the world) with my own eyes, swirling around our sailing ship in the Galápagos’ waters. It is an Elliot’s Storm-Petrel. I took hundreds of pictures of these birds…but only a few show clearly enough the bird’s amazing abilities – it walks, runs and stands on water while feeding. I could watch them for hours –

There are two subspecies, and this one is an endemic galapagoensis; ”Elliot” after the man who discovered the bird and “Petrel” refers to Saint Peter walking on water. ”Storm” was the part given to it by the sailors, who believed the birds were warning them about a storm coming their way.

The whole story of this Storm-Petrel is enigmatic…not only is it pelagic (lives at sea only), but despite a population estimated at many thousands – a nest has yet to be found.

The theme for this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge is Wonder.  We invite you to create a post that captures a moment, a feeling, a place, a person—which filled you with wonder.

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55 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Wonder

  1. Hi Anne-Christine (or Leya), I will get to know you better. I am inspired for finding a photo challenge home. Your photo and the information about it, certainly leaves me in awestruck wonder. What an amazing capture (and bird!!). I am looking forward to your topic Saturday.

    • Thank you so much, Abrie, for your lovely comment, and you are very welcome to the challenges! Then we all will get to know each other better, which of course is one of the purposes with blogging.
      I hope you will get inspired this Saturday as well, as we all try to keep the topics close to the human heart and mind. So – welcome to your photo challenge home with us!

    • Thank you, Jane! I value your thoughts very much and feel very happy you appreciate the shots. This day brought a true wonder – unforgettable.

  2. What an incredible little bird Ann-Christine! We have a species that stops on our island traveling from South America to the Arctic Circle called Red Knots. They’re amazing but they do stop to rest. One wonders how yours ever have young ones without stopping to nest!!

    • I have never heard about Red Knots – I will look it up! Good question about nesting – someday a nest will be found and we will get the answer!

  3. ”The theme for this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge is Wonder. We invite you to create a post that captures a moment, a feeling, a place, a person—which filled you with wonder.”
    This one truly did!

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