Thursday Thoughts – Summer in May

Strange – Summer in May – 30 degrees C today

Late evening biking by the sea – not a cloud in four weeks

Swimmers everywhere, enjoying the coolness of it

Past the old Blekinge cottages – just have to stop for a photo. Love these…

Picking buttercups

Back at our own beach – 23 degrees C, still 10 degrees more than normal temperature

Completely calm sunset and not a mosquito – yet

Bathing – water 18 degrees. Lovely of course, but

– I do not know if I like it – or not. This month of May was the hottest and driest ever in Sweden. And we are not alone. In July this could have been possible though…

On the news they said our newborn storks will starve to death, and I guess that applies to many birds and other animals who only eat living things. There are no frogs, and the worms are digging deep to survive. The birds cannot reach them.

Please let there be rain. And, what about Africa.


29 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – Summer in May

  1. 😮 Oh my. We had a huge drought last year, I remember no mosquitoes. It was too dry for them. This year green persists since there was plenty of rain. Now the heat is starting to build. We shall see. It’s terrible to hear that birds might die!

  2. It sounds like you are having some Australian weather. A very early summer. The photographs are so very beautiful so it is always a delight to visit your blog. Can you tell me about the Blekinge cottages? They are archetypal Sweden to me! The absence of mosquitoes is good for people, but bad for the creatures that thrive on them as food source. People are becoming aware of the integral nature of our ecosystems. One interaction influences another. We are having as usual, diametrically opposite weather. Very chilly morning for May, I have had my fire on several mornings – almost unheard of till mid July- August! I don’t complain about the cold though, as it feels a little more like my beloved Scandinavia. 30 degrees is warm but is it also humid, or a dry heat? It felt quite humid this time in Norway 2 years ago, I was sweating!

    • It is rather humid right now – sweating all the time. Tomorrow it is going to be 32…they say. Dangerous for old people – and difficult for me. I stay indoors between 10 am and 8 pm. 25 is enough for me…
      Interesting that you have colder weather than usual! Similarities.
      Blekinge cottages often look like this, and they believe the style comes from Germany and southern Scandinavia. The most typical thing is the difference in height between the part where people live and the ”loft” where grain or hay was kept. The style is typical for Southern Sweden. Glad you like them!

      • Southern Sweden? Was that after the Danish rule? Or too far north for that?
        As for the humidity, I am well versed in dealing with that, but even then ,it is difficult to take. Plenty of cool drinks, ice blocks made of frozen fruit juice, hang a wet towel in front of a fan,and sit in front of it, keep active only in the morning and cool evening. Mexican style siestas through the middle of the day!!! And keep out of the sun as much as possible, which it sounds like you are doing. I remember feeling quite stifled in Denmark one fiendishly hot summer in 2004, because the buildings are so well insulated. I felt like I was suffocating. There was no through breezes. Hope the weather becomes less humid for you soon.

  3. Sorry about the typos. I blame the tablet. First sentence was supposed to be: Beautiful pictures! And ”storlek” is supposed to be storks. We saw baby storks at Fulltofta in 2014 and I hope they will have a good year for the stork babies. Happy weekend!

  4. Strange weather indeed Leya. We do not have it as hot as you now for as long. But it’s been on average about 24 degrees all week. If we got this weather in July or August we’d feel blessed. But now like you i worry about how Nature will be able to respond.

  5. Climate change is a real worry. I hope you get rain soon. We had very little rain during May and now it is winter and our dry season. I’m watering the garden almost daily

  6. It’s all very strange, isn’t it? Lovely to bask in the warmth but when you look beneath the surface, a little worrying. Entirely different here. After 1 sunny weekend we’re back to ‘normal’. 🙂 🙂 Lovely, lucid photos!

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