WPC: Place in the World

My Place

”All cities — especially the big ones — have a way of reminding you of your place in the world.” I like that – but I go to Nature for that feeling. The difference is – Nature is not man made, at least it is less man made…



My place in the world is wherever my family is…and My place is in the great outdoors……where I can feel my own true size – which is that of an ant…

…my total insignificance – and yet, the importance


of acting to preserve our Nature, our National Parks,

the animals’ habitats – our heritage…


in order to return it with love and pride to our children –

I hope we will not have destroyed all of its magic,


its inspiration or its serenity.

I intend to keep loving Nature, my place in the world; trying my best not to leave anything but footprints, and take nothing but photos.

My hope is for the world to realize that we need each other – Man and Nature, Nature and Man. And that in fact, the end of Nature is the end of Man.



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  2. its a beautiful world and people must just slot into place – just as you describe in these wonderful images that lifted my spirits this morning – thank you Leya

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