CFFC: Any kind of camera or photographer

For Cee – photographers!

Yesterday’s meeting with the non-profit association of biologists where I live, was held outdoors – a glorious spring evening. On walking back to the cars, I caught a lovely lady photographing in the silent light. She is using a cellphone – which is, I guess, the most popular way of photographing these days.

We were also lucky enough to see a demonstration of a drone taking off and landing – and taking photos of us all. I loved the intensity of the demonstration, just the faces of those (the men…) watching, so I just had to take a shot at it…and when I came home, I noticed there was another photographer sneaking up on my left! I was not aware of him during those seconds. A photo to be thrown away? No, I think it was rather funny – I will keep it. Another funny thing is that these men are all very good photographers, and  Thomas, the demonstrator of the drone, is a renowned bird photographer.


13 reaktioner på ”CFFC: Any kind of camera or photographer

    • Thank you for the opportunity to see your work – and apologize for the late answer! I found your comment in the spam. As I am not a photographer – pro or something, my opinion can only be mine. I think you are a talented woman, and my favorites are your B&W, the happy couple and the child photography. I admire your experimental ideas! Just keep on shooting and you will find your niche. If I should try a tip, sometimes I feel maybe you want ”too much” to create the photo. Go simple and let the light do the ”thing” for you. Good luck and thank you again for letting me see and get inspired!

  1. Drones, like the internet and so many other things, have great potential for good or bad. I read a thriller recently with weaponized drones. Scary stuff and could be real.


  2. I have to say that I hate drones and do not trust them. I simply did not grow up thinking that mechanical flying things coming at my head, or somewhere above, are anything other than weapons or spycameras. I really like the first photo.

    • I agree with you on the drones – they frighten birds and other animals and have been stopping flights at airports. I think they should only be allowed in searching lost people and to count reindeer.

      • I think they do indeed need to be regulated, since anyone could put bad things on them and send them to someone else’s yard etc. I think people’s judgment is very poor about things to sell and buy–

      • I totally agree – I don’t know the regulations in Sweden, but there have been several problems with them.

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