Guess Who?

It is not April 1, but May 1. So…this animal really exists. But, do you know what species this animal is and the strange story behind it?


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    • I think it is handsome too! It is a Takin, the national animal of Bhutan. Found in the Himalayas only, and now endangered. 100-140cm high, about 2 meters long and 300-400 kilograms…
      Legend has it that Guru Rinpoche (”the second Buddha”) put it together from a cow and a goat. It is also called a gnu goat.

    • Good guess! it is a Takin, also called gnu goat, but a species of its own. A massive thing, 100-140 high and about 2 meters long, weight: 300-400 kilos. It is the national animal of Bhutan and lives only in the Himalayas.

    • Good guess – I think it has much in common with a bison! In fact it is a Takin, also called gnu goat, and the national animal of Bhutan. A massive thing, about 2 meters long, 100-140 high and 300-400 kilo’s. The fence was really strong…

    • Good guess! It is called gnu goat as well…but it is a Takin. It is an endangered species and lives in the Himalayas – Bhutan’s national animal. It is believed to be put together from a cow and a goat by ”the Second Buddha”, Guru Rinpoche. Fascinating animal – huge, about 2 meters in length and 100 to 140 cm in height. It is massive and weighs 300-400 kilos.

      • There is an incredible background…Someone decided there should be a kind of zoo – but when the king found out about its existence, he shut it down. No animals should be kept like that – according to the buddhist thinking, we are all free souls. So the animals where released. What happened was that the Takins started roaming the streets of Thimpu (the capital city) for food. So – they had to put them back behind fence. Too difficult to take them all some thousand meters up in the mountains where they belong.

    • Good guess – it is a Takin, also called gnu-goat or cattle chamois. It lives in the Himalayas and is said to be put together from a cow and a goat, by ”the second Buddha”, Guru Rinpoche. It is the national animal of Bhutan.

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