Earth Day

The theme this year is to put an end to plastic pollution.

I hope we will all do our best not to use plastic. Bags, for example. Every day in media, we see turtles, birds, sharks, etc. entangled and dying. Not to talk about all the micro plastics killing lives in the ocean and in our lakes. On a trip to Morocco some years ago I was shocked to see millions of plastic bags blowing over the desert sand.

As I recently came back from Bhutan, I want you to know, they have banned plastic bags. So should we all. This is an easy starter, then it will be even easier to follow that road of sustainability. Even if you might think it difficult – just imagine what lies at the end of this winding and narrow path! And think of what awaits our planet, and us all, if we don’t follow that road. So let us Do instead of think and talk.




11 comments on “Earth Day

  1. I always take my own bag for groceries and as of June our Queensland supermarkets will not be supplying plastic bags. A movement is starting let’s hope it is not too late

    • The plastic thing is one of the least difficult things to start with. Microplastics are already in our lakes in Sweden, scientists confirmed this spring. So everyone is eating and drinking it…Nobody knows what this will lead to. No good – for sure.

  2. True, dear Anne-Christine. Once humanity could help without so many senseless objects we use now. Besides, the plastic itself might be more ecological. And…indeed we don’t need SO MUCH PACKAGE!

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