Walking Home – Slow Contemplation

After Paro Tsechu, we decided to walk home to our hotel, Nak-Sel, in the lovely evening light. Some kilometers that would take about an hour on the narrow, dusty road.


A walk well worth the effort in the thin air – giving us the chance to take in the beautiful countryside and to talk to some of its harmonious inhabitants.

The Bhutanese houses are built to dry the hay on the open upper floor. Even if you don’t have any hay, you build this way – many washed clothes were hanging in this space, and old furniture leaning on the structures.

The last hours of light for hard working farmers.

The old farmsteads lay mostly quiet in the setting sun – and the first cherry blossoms  enchantingly aglow.

Always 108 flags for the dead. Everywhere on the hills, where the wind is blowing. Naturally there is a religious meaning, but according to our guide, the exact reason to just 108 is lost in history.

An overwhelmingly interesting day had come to an end. And with the stunning views of Jomolhari, 7326 meters, we reached Nak-Sel and went to enjoy a lovely dinner.

15 reaktioner på ”Walking Home – Slow Contemplation

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  3. Kan tro att du har många fina minnen efter denna fantastiska resa. Oförglömliga upplevelser, alla dofter och intryck liksom möten med människorna. Bhutan har jag aldrig tänkt på som resmål och lite nyfiken är jag nog varför valet föll just för Bhutan. Nu när jag fått ta del av så mycket så förstår jag. Tack för att du delat med dig till oss andra Leila!

    • Bhutan has been a dream long standing – and now I finally did visit. An expensive and long journey, but I know much of the money will go to their health care and sustainable thinking, so I have already started saving for the next time…If I am still alive and healthy, there Will be a next time.
      The fact is, you have to pay 250 US dollars per day and person during your stay – but that covers everything including guide, accommodation and food as well.

    • I am glad you think so, Janet. Although these kind of experiences are very difficult to convey to those who were not there. So happy if some of it came through. Thank you!

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