Thursday Thoughts – Meeting The World’s Oldest Blogger

Today I went to Health Sciences Centre, Lund, to attend the press invitation to the Gerontology Award of 2018.  My friend, Professor Susanne Iwarsson, introduced us to PhD students and their research in gerontology, and also to the award winning lady, Dagny Carlsson, aged 105.

Just imagine…she was born the same year Titanic went down…

Dagny is a witty and tough lady, who also is the world’s oldest blogger – or so we think… And her wit as well as her blogging are part of the reasons to why she won this prize. Dagny started blogging at the age of 99 – and today she has reached an almost iconic status in Sweden. Check out her blog here:

Only some of her achievements: On TV she has been a guest in at least ten shows, she was awarded ”Swede of the Week”, she was one of the Summer Talk guests on Radio P1 Sweden 2017, she was given a part in a movie last year and she has also written a book titled ”Life According to Dagny”. Two days ago she payed a visit to our King and Queen – and she said she liked them very much. Nothing strange with meeting them, Dagny smiles.

Dagny Carlsson was awarded also because she is an inspiration to us all. To elderly people she is the living evidence of a possible long and active life, as well as technology to be mastered even beyond the age of 100. Her experience from Swedish history through 105 years remains a valuable source from which we all can learn, and she continues to be a significant elderly person in Swedish culture.

I am proud to have met her. (Just a reminder…Dagny is the lady on the right side…)

Dagny, 103 years old, at the Skavlan show – but this spring she will turn 106!







53 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – Meeting The World’s Oldest Blogger

  1. She looks and sounds incredible! That must surely have been a wonderful occasion for you – I hope we are both blogging at 100, but that is not in our hands. Then again I did have an old cousin who lived to 106 years!!!

    • Yes, she is inspiring! You are young and have got many years of writing in front of you – I wish you good luck! Some tips?
      Write a new post every day f you can, try to read and comment on other blogs that interest you – and you will soon get many interesting friends!

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  3. What an amazing lady and what a treat to meet her in person! She looks so content with life and is a true inspiration. Thank you so much for introducing her Ann-Christine! ☺💖 xxx

    • Thank you for reading about her! And she seems content. She had an unloving mother and her first husband she had to run away from The rest of her life seems to be good!

    • I have admired her for years – so this was a great day for me as well. I told her we started blogging the same year, so she asked me if I had any followers and if I enjoyed it – I said I did. That is good, she smiled. Her advice on how to wisely grow old were: Stay curious, never gice up on things you want to do, don’t listen to those who say you cannot do things. Technology is not difficult -take it slow, you don’t have to learn everything ro use it!

  4. Such an amazing lady! It was encouraging to read about this outstanding blogger, thank you for sharing.
    Sending you warm greetings to Sweden from the coast of Norfolk
    The Fab Four of Cley

    • Warm greetings to you as well! I understand Spring is coming along nicely in England. And I was really grateful for meeting this lady.

    • She does! Very alert. She said that the best thing about blogging is that ”I can write about anything and everything I want.” And she loves to read the comments from friendly people. She was asked how many blogs she followed, then she answered that she had enough work with keeping up her own😉 . The interviewer asked how she felt about the release of her book – ”Well, it didn’t hurt!”. Many laughs and a lovely lady!

      • I chose the cosy Friday/Fredagsmys and will translate a tiny part of it here:
        Idag var det behagligt vinterklimat /
        Today the winter weather was fine/
        och fotografen och jag hade avtalat träff /
        and the photographer and I had decided to meet up with my former IT-students, who Elena, the pro, took over the education of./
        med de f d datorelever som som jag fick undervisa och som sedan Elena som är proffs övertog och fortbildade. / They are lovely ladies and we so enjoy their company/Det är förtjusande damer och vi trivs i deras sällskap. / We had lunch at a place called Bird’s Nest – where I had never eaten before/ Vi åt lunch på ett ställe som heter Fågelboet och där jag aldrig var förut./there was a buffe’, something I cannot enjoy to the full, because I get stuffed almost immediately/ Det var buffé något som jag inte kan göra full rättvisa därför att jag blir mätt nästan med detsamma. ………
        19/1 2018

      • Pity the video was in Swedish that I couldn’t understand, but I could tell from the body language that she was more than holding her own in the interview

      • Yes, I am afraid there is nothing in English. She is extremely witty and alert. The only thing is the hearing is not so good. But, she still doesn’t use any help at all!

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