WPC: I’d Rather Be…

Krista’s challenge…where/what would I rather be/doing…is quite easily answered, but then again – maybe not. It is not easy to pick some special activities among so many interesting things I like to do.

In the header is one of the last pictures of my Dream Garden, that used to belong to an old couple I have known for many years. Last summer their garden was sold, and those who bought it, immediately changed it for ever. I’d rather be with my old friends in their fantastic garden – but I know this dream belongs to the past.

Generally I am rather happy as I am…but here are some more suggestions:

I might rather be…walking the streets of Rome, enjoying its history while passing old and abandoned buildings.

I’d rather be attending interesting exhibitions…

And I’d rather be hiking new and exciting landscapes…

But, most of all, I’d rather be walking my everyday paths in the forest, with Totti. Hopefully, in some weeks, finding the forest floor exploding with white wood anemonies. Oh, the joy!


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  2. Count me in for any all and of your rather be’s Ann-Christine! And that garden – oh my, why in heaven’s name would someone change it?! Beautiful captures all.

    • But we are quite happy with things as they are with us – I agree. Thankful we should be – and we are – every day. And I still cannot walk the path past that old garden. It hurts too much.

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  4. I can’t believe that someone would alter that beautiful garden. When I saw that opening shot, I felt a sense of longing- it is so beautiful. And Rome, yes, I wouldn’t mind being there too.

    • My heart aches when thinking about that garden – to think it is gone forever. All that work gone into it, all those travels and all those meticulately arranged plants, steps, old trees and – Yes, I can feel that sense of longing …

    • It is really ashame. I cannot bear walking that path anymore. Just to see the trees they have teared down and the rare plants trampled or dug up. I hope the old couple never goes back to see what became of it.

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