Just for Fun – a Sunday Cat Story

As I found the magpies are energetically building their nest even if it is snowing, I remembered a series I took when the neighbours’ cat ventured up to supervise…

Wishing you all a lovely Sunday!





21 comments on “Just for Fun – a Sunday Cat Story

  1. I’m surprised the cat was brave enough to venture into the magpies territory. I once had a cat in NZ who would not go outside when the maggies were around because they dive-bombed him.

  2. Your cat reminds me of Tuffy, my sweet cat that I had several years back… she was a tree climber too.. I did not know Magpies made such messy nests, which explains a lot, since my nickname is Magpie and I am too busy to worry about neatness. (my spouse just shakes his head and cleans up after me, he is wonderful)

  3. I imagine that to the magpies, that’s a bit like setting a cat among the pigeons. 🙂 Or magpies. I doubt they’d go for this once there are babies. Great catch!


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