The Stories they tell – in Your Heart

As the morning dog walk was finished and we were warming up in the kitchen, I began to think about why I keep the things I keep on the old sideboard …and maybe they are not as beautiful as they once were…Why don’t I throw away faded roses…or faded twigs from an asparagus? And why do I keep a ceramic owl that cannot stand on its own feet?

Memories. Memories of a dear friend who gave me the loveliest roses – 10 years ago. Now they are resting in an beautiful bowl inherited from one of my oldest friends.

The owl is leaning against a ceramic bottle (from my grandmother). A gift from someone who listened to a lecture about some faraway country.

The three old bears were inherited from my mother-in-law. Somehow I love their expressions and I remember exactly where they were placed in her home. Now I let them sit together, contemplating life, on the golden crocheted tablecloths made by my husband’s grandmother, Anna.

The vase was a gift from another old friend, and the flowers – common cotton grass – were picked on my second trip to Iceland in 2006. They are still just as beautiful!

Things may fade, but memories don’t. They may change…but they will never leave you.

So, tell me – what do you keep on your sideboard, and what are their stories?

32 reaktioner på ”The Stories they tell – in Your Heart

  1. Yes memories will always be a part of our lives, thank you for sharing your memories. We too have old photos and small things which we got from our trips and some which my mother gave me.

  2. I lovely collection of memories to cherish. Sadly I am a real minimalist and have moved and travelled around so much I have very few collectables, my photos are my precious memories.

  3. all those little gifts, our kids gave us ❤ and tickets of shows I liked pinned to the wall above my desk – oh and still every postcard I receive (they are not numerous anymore though) 🙂

  4. Such a beautiful reflection and timely question! I have been thinking about all of the memories represented by the things that have stayed with me during many journeys. Perhaps some day I will take time to write them down…

  5. A-C, yes memories fade – but then suddenly they come back to us … when something happens that reminds us, so they are always there. Beautiful images … beautiful post. I have an antique cabinet that I put my special memories in, and the cabinet is a memory too. Fantastic take on this week’s topic.

  6. What a very beautiful post, Ann Christine. So glad I could share your lovely memories. 🙂 🙂 Upstairs, on a windowsill, I have a blue ceramic boot, from when James was newborn, and a small musical shepherdess. You twist the base and she does a twirl. She came with me from my previous home and I can’t even remember her story. 🙂

    • Well, I am glad you enjoyed the post, Jo! And, as with your shepherdess, sometimes we might lose some of the story around the items, but they still carry so many memories that we do not want to lose them.

  7. These are the things that make your home, they’re irreplaceable and priceless to you. Keep them, enjoy them, but if you do ever have to part with them, console yourself that they will be bringing joy to someone else.

  8. I love old things with memories. I have many things from my childhood home, but they are almost all in boxes and bags, since my mother simply moved out a couple of years ago and left everything there, door unlocked, and said that we could take what we want and then some company would take the rest. I lived there for days at a time then, putting everything in bags and ‘stealing’ it from my own family who no longer wanted it. There were even her diamond wedding rings, china and silver, my old clothes, books, anything and everything. I still have to sort through it. It was crazy, but I am glad to have gottena lot of things that meant something to me, mostly little junky toys or knickknacks or photos from the past.

  9. Things may fade but memories don’t…indeed. Memories do change, distort, deteriorate over the years, but they form a good part of who we are. I have a number of things that carry important memories…photographs, paintings, books, a number of mementos from past holidays, etc…priceless and irreplaceable for me….

  10. These are really beautiful Ann-Christine, and definitely tell their stories. When we moved to a smaller home 2 years ago I kept only a few very important things that carried very strong memories. In the end that’s really what matters, don’t you think?

    • Yes, I agree. But I would find it hard to part with many things anyway. I have only moved twice – and then to bigger houses. But some day…

  11. How lovely these all are. I have a little pottery hare who’s ear has fallen off, a candle holder from a friend, a vase painted by my daughter, some shells from days at the beach! Treasured memories indeed.

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