Thursday Thoughts – Strong Women

Today I woke up to a wonderland in white – the most beautiful morning this winter.

International Women’s Day

The whole garden soft and soundless – and today was the funeral for Marie.

Somehow it seemed so right that she was given the most beautiful, this magically soft light, her last day.

She was a strong and remarkable woman. Warm, creative and so full of life – she will always be remembered, never forgotten. Thank you, Marie, for being my friend.

27 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – Strong Women

  1. What a beautiful tribute for your friend. These beautiful photos express your love in a strong but quiet manner. I’ve used this photo to accompany one of my haiku, to express this strength and quiet which winter sometimes gifts us. Thank you.

  2. Sorry, for your lost! We are in the age now … when we start losing our friends and it’s truly tough – but as my mum said to me once, Ta lost shouldn’t be heavy on our eyes – it will keep our heart warm forever. Beautiful dedication!!!

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