Sunny City Stroll – Umeå

In the summer, the river banks are lovely to walk – but winter is very interesting as well. And of course it is easier to get to the other side of the city.

Going by car or bus, you have to use the bridges. And there is a bridge for pedestrians as well. We tried both.

There is a shimmering swirl of snow/ice crystals in the air, that we never have in Skane, where I live. I guess it is the crisp cold that does it. Difficult to catch on a photo, but here are two possible ones. I hope you get what I mean!

Some examples of architecture – lovely houses here. Mostly wooden. And a happy guide!

Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

One of the most beautiful buildings in Umeå is the Town Hall, built in 1892. The Restaurant and Brasserie, Rex, on the corner, had a sale this Saturday. Old porcelain and cutlery, furniture and miscellaneous. Not a chance of getting inside! The queue went around two blocks…in this cold…

The last day we had dinner at Lottas Krog – and we were all very satisfied with our visit – many thanks to our excellent guide. Lottas too, can be recommended!

11 reaktioner på ”Sunny City Stroll – Umeå

  1. Looks cold!!!!!!! I agree with the snow crystals – once for a couple of years ago we had them. But I have icicles on my birdfeeder on the balcony for 3 days now. It gives an ice-cold image off the outside, but it +degress. I have spent 14 days in Gällivare in the 70 in January. God that was cold (-31). Not my thing even is I love everything about a real winter. Umeå looks like a beautiful city.

  2. What beautiful architecture, A-C!! The whole place is lovely, although I think I could do without such a long time of winter. I think the coffee shops (tea for me, please) would be crammed with people all the time. 🙂 I do know what you mean about the snow/ice crystals. Looks like you had a wonderful time.


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