New Fuji Camera – Old Apple Tree

My old apple tree is slowly dying

He has always been there, as a Warden Spirit, long before we bought this house

He is greatly loved by moss and lichen – and the birdhouse is always inhabited

The old tree is hosting many species, many worlds

But, last year, only one single apple managed to grow on these moldering branches

This spring might be his last one – what will happen to all his guests?

29 reaktioner på ”New Fuji Camera – Old Apple Tree

  1. I see we have similar themes this week (with lichen and trees). Sometime if you give apple trees a really hard prune back they come back rejuvenated, i haven’t done this personally but have heard it.

  2. I never cut down trees since they say that up to 90% of the wildlife lives there–insects, birds, squirrels, bees. all kinds of plant life. I hope the tree keeps going in whatever stable form it takes.

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