What to do a Grey Day?

Today is a grey day. The snow is slowly melting and the sky is a thick mass of clouds.

Not even Totti finds it hilarious…

So what might cheer us up?

Maybe this little sweetie, hanging from my desk lamp, checking my doings and writings every day? He is not ”wet and ugly – nobody wants you”, as we use to tease Totti when he has taken a roll in something unpleasant…

OK, Totti! Let’s go play hide and seek now then!



18 comments on “What to do a Grey Day?

  1. It wasn’t sunny here today but with all the snow, there was plenty of ”light.” I had a grand time in the park and have been watching Olympic coverage. Soon I’ll be watching our Chicago Blackhawks playing hockey, which I do love.


  2. Lovely outdoor photos, and that one of Totti looks so very unamused. Funny! Here near Woodstock NY in the US it is overcast, and almost warm enough for the snow to melt a bit. It is fine and good to be indoors.

  3. Men jisses vilken söt fining du har!! Han kan säkerligen omvandla även den gråaste dag till en riktig solskensdag 😀 Fin bild den första och så rar den undre.

  4. Our weather the same. I can hear the dripping of the melting ice and snow. Gray is our city’s norm. Just 59 sunny days a year. Almost always partly cloudy.

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