WPC: Tour Guide


Tour Guide – What do I love about where I live? Well – The beautiful nature and countryside! Including:

My garden and flowers

The animals I meet every day

The old fairy tale villas

Even our ugliest old building looks beautiful in the low sun…

And I love our Castles, Hovdala and Wanås, always hosting spectacular art and exhibitions. Here josting and below Wanås with ants (from a South American artist) crawling over the faςade. They also have great areas for hiking and outdoor activities.

I do love this area, and I guess I would not want to live permanently anywhere else.




39 comments on “WPC: Tour Guide

    • Thank you. One of the good things with blogging- you get to know other people and their places. Other customs and other lives. Important and interesting.

      • Yes, I don’t have too much complains, but we don’t have castles, and no sheep either ;-( When we went to Ireland, I stopped and said hello to every sheep, and even bough a stuffed one home. 😉 Oh well, I should be satisfied with what we have and I am 😉
        Have a great day.

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