Thursday Thoughts – Memories From Last January

Most photos this month were from the Galapagos Islands and our beautiful ship – Cachalote – Here are some of my favorites. In the header, me and my lovely mockingbird!

Volcanic Islands all of them – and here at Sullivan Bay – strikingly beautiful.

My absolute favorites on this trip were the iguanas – especially the land iguanas. We were so lucky to find an iguana up in the cacti – they love eating them, but rarely have any success in climbing them.

I would not mind going back one day – to see the other islands as well. Each island has its own specific flora and fauna. Mostly untouched by humans – and therefore, animal kingdoms.


13 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – Memories From Last January

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  2. Ooo yes, what an experience this must have been. I love all the animals but those pelicans are something else! 😮 Were they just patiently waiting like that? Or were they getting nervous and attempted to steal some fish?

    • Oh, they stole fish whenever they could…The vendors waiving arms and caps at them. A great spectacle! The frigates flew down to steal as well. And a couple of great herons kept their nasty eyes close..

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