Thursday Thoughts – The Importance of Balance

Magnificent Gran Canaria. Thinking of climate changes and how the tiniest changes in temperature will give massive domino effects. And already do. On everything living. There are examples all around you, if you just take the time to see them. Then imagine…

Just look at, for example, the importance of water – Some simple pictures from an ordinary vacation speak of what small changes in water supply can do to an arid island.

Just take away some water here…

…and this will be the result

Just add some water here…

…and this will be the result

Yes, they are simple examples – but things to consider if you find it difficult to see what is happening to our world. Nature is a Wonder of balance, and we must stop abusing her and disturbing the delicacy in which she is made. Which path do you want to follow – the ”fighting for a better world” or the simple ”adapting to whatever happens” one? Do we really have a choice? I think we have.

CPH jul och Gran Canaria 2017 1301-2




16 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – The Importance of Balance

  1. Really liked how you used nature to illustrate the idea of balance. Sometimes without something, things won’t ever be the same again. The slightest interruption or absence can have such a lingering impact for a long time to come and maybe forever. It is interesting to see two paths you proposed there at the end. In terms of nature, I certainly thing fighting to save the planet is the more feasible choice – after all, we need nature to live and living comfortably is often how we treat the planet as you’ve illustrated. In terms of curve balls life throws at us, I reckon sometimes we must just adapt because things are out of control…but not before going down without a fight. For instance, finding time to write and write my book is not something I can always control. Sometimes work and personal issues get in the way. So I adapt and write during another time. Still not saying my book will never happen, but you just never know.

    A lovely piece to start the year, Leya. Ann-Christine. Really like how you go by two names, very lovely names too. Wishing you well for the year ahead 🙂

    • Thank you for a long and interesting answer. I agree with you. We must do both : fight as hard as we can, adapt when we must. And I do believe you will finish your book – despite everything.

  2. Wonderful post and great impressions from Gran Canaria, Ann-Christine! I must admit we’ve never been there, so the more we enjoyed it. 😉 And we are absolutely convinced we have a choice. We can’t close our eyes to what is happening. Let’s make a difference!
    Wishing you and yours a healthy, happy and prosperous 2018!✨

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