Cultural Café

We wanted to visit the National Palace of Culture in Sofia, but it was closed and a veritable construction site. I was dying for a nice cup of coffee along with some cultural events…but the building seemed totally abandoned.

Nothing wrong with a construction site…if you can find a place like this when you step down into the underground..

A slight drizzle, and my stomach was making sounds…but when we had totally given up on this place and walked down some steps to get to the street again – suddenly there emerged a big window with BOOKS. From nowhere. Nothing with books can go wrong, so we opened the door and stepped inside…

…a café! A place reminding me of my university years with not too expensive coffee’s, nice company and working in two’s or more. My eyes and spirits went up and I just took it in…..feeling the coziness and the warmth instead of the by now rather chilly, hostile weather outdoors.

We stayed for an hour at least and left with big smiles on our faces ;-D

It went on drizzling – but we felt good all the way home! Keep reading! And…some tea is OK as well…

18 reaktioner på ”Cultural Café

  1. A-C, now I have to visit Sofia .. it has been very high up on my do-it note for about 1 year now. Those steps are fantastic … I have come across some fantastic steps – in Vienna, the Albertina Museum had a Monet painting, but I like yours better.

  2. Oooh, I love the stairs in the last photo! And the poster on the first says: ”Vse edno si tam” which should mean: ”You are there anyway.” And you were. 🙂 If you disregard Cyrillic alphabet, Slovenian and Bulgarian language are much alike.

    • Interesting, Manja – thank you for the translation. That is the one thing I find a bit bothersome…not understanding the language. The Cyrillic alphabet is possible to learn, but it stops there.

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