Back to Ireland – Ruins and Cows

Looking through my photos from Ireland – I found an old abbey I had not posted on. I am convinced there were not many visitors, as we only saw it from the car. We were looking for a nice place to have our evening picnic – I wanted cows and my husband wanted ruins – and we found the perfect place!

To get there, we had to park at the church, climb some fences and walk a straight gravel road over the meadows with grazing cows. Just my thing.

I wondered how this abbey had looked when new – it was still impressive out there in the middle of all the green. Not much sun, but we had our fruit and sandwiches sitting on the ground against the wall. The Irish landscape offers never-ending glory.

The farewell was accompanied by the most gracious crowd (in the header), and lastly by a lone beauty standing by the road. I really have to go back to Ireland – soon.


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    • Thank you, Raj! And thank you for thinking of me with the challenge. I would gladly take it on, but will be away for the rest of this week…is it too late to catch on next week?

  2. This is Ireland to me, God, I miss it at times … but I miss the sheeps here. Love the cow shot. I love cows … they have such beautiful eyes .. and their eyelashes. *smile I

    • Hahaha – hopefully on many more places! But, I guess this one was not that easy to get to…climbing and walking – and no light in the dark…

  3. Had to laugh about the combination of wishes: ruins and cows. And you both got what you wanted. Just yesterday I read Badfish’s post on Ireland, and now yours. It is so beautiful.
    You have made the best of your time there and your photos prove that.

  4. What a lovely posting and lovely place to picnic or fika. It looks so serene, we hope to visit soon. How is it driving on the left? Tack så mycket for the post.

    • Thank you for commenting! Well…I do not drive, my husband does. It takes a couple of days to get it 100% right(!), and your codriver might have to remind you in caroussels and on turning right.
      You will have a great time!

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